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Philosophy, politics, interviews

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Philosophy, politics, interviews

Join Pax Americana published by Mathew Lancpok
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Posted on 2019-08-19
Writer Description: Philosophy, politics, interviews
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Veritatis, libertatis, iustitiae, pacem. Truth, liberty, justice, peace.

   Deriving its name from the Roman title Pax Romana, the Pax Americana Party is an independent worker's party, its goal to help the lower class be better off, allowing a safety net for those who fall on hard times and to allow for them to pick themselves up and rise above one's current conditions, to be independent and self resourceful. It also seeks to promote the family and help people get a good education, as well as help those dealing with both physical and mental health.

   Economics: The economic leanings of the Pax Americana Party are what one may describe as radical central, that is, it holds radical economic views both left leaning and right leaning. We believe in the implementation of a negative income tax mixed with a proportional income tax, so that those who need a lift up can get up, so that they may aspire to earn above one's current economic and work towards that goal, and so that each person will pay their fair share and keep a good amount of what they earned. We also believe that certain industries, like food, should have less restrictions imposed by them on the government, while other industries, such as medicine, should be more consolidated under the state.

   Taxes: We hold that the government should not tax the people heavily. We also hold that people will need something to go back on when hard times approach. It is why we hold the belief in implementing a proportional income tax with a negative income tax. We also do not think that one should be taxed on property, with one exception being the owning of multiple houses in which they are not used for housing of other people, i.e. summer and vacation homes. This also may be proportioned out based on the price of the house. Otherwise, there should not be a tax on property. Other taxes, such as electric or water bill or liquor and tobacco tax, are acceptable.

   Education: We believe that one should be able to get a good education no matter what social or economic status one has. We also believe that the bureaucracy of the Board of Education stifles out possibility for schools to adapt to their students. Thus we believe that the schools should be more independent and less controlled by the board. Though we will have to set standards, such as making sure each student is educated in both literacy and mathematics, the schools should plan for themselves how they will go along with teaching these subjects, how money shall be resourced to supplies needed, and how the curriculum shall unfold. We shall have it that the board merely checks to make sure each school is doing well, and even then that may be checked by the individual states and the federal board. If it is not doing well, then action must be taken to fix the system. We also think that a better system to use would be the Finland system, as the current system of education is more based in politics then efficiency, which the Finland system is all about, and that education should be more focused on teaching the subjects to understand it and to think for oneself, instead of merely listening to propaganda given and focus on standardized tests.

   Health: We believe that one should be able to get quality care and not have to pay out of one's life savings in order to get that care. Medicine that can save lives should be available at an affordable price for those who need it, and care from a doctor should not cost hundreds of dollars to pay. It is why we think that we should remove barriers, such as needing insurance for a doctor's visit or limiting the amount of doctors available in the field. Thus, insurance should be only for catastrophic situations, such as life threatening injuries or major car damage, and appointments with doctors being between the doctor and the patient, and cheap. Also, if the person cannot pay the doctor currently, then they may take a loan, a promise to make sure to pay later. Insurance companies should also not be predatory towards its clients, and allow for free access to whichever doctor and payment needed for serious injuries, no matter the circumstances. We also believe in a need for more focus on mental health, with better support lines for those suffering, and for humane treatment of them so that they may get the help they need without being treated like a ferocious animal. We also believe that the price for seeing a professional, such as a psychologist, should be affordable for the patient, and not barred with red tape and high prices.

   Foreign Affairs: We believe in the policy of George Washington when dealing with foreign affairs, being that we do not enter into the fights of other countries and we do not start any fights with other countries, as well as not try to mess with any of the affairs and system of that country, no matter if we agree with it or not. We would take our troops out of the middle east, as we have no reason to continue fighting in that region. We would also want to heal and repair relations with opposing countries such as Russia, China, Iran, and other countries. We would also lift the embargo that has been laid on Cuba, as there is no longer any reason to keep it up, as the cold war has been over for almost 2 decades. However, we also believe that we should help nations by sending in supplies during times of disaster, and wish to create agreements for free trade between the U.S. and other nations.

   Law: We are firmly constitutionalist in our stances on laws, and are also for deregulation and simplification of laws. We believe that anyone should be free to share their beliefs and opinions freely on the internet and in real life. There are exceptions, of course (calling for violence against an individual or group, doxxing, etc), but besides those few exceptions, we are firmly for the first amendment. We also believe that, while their can be some regulations so that people who are mentally unstable will not be able to legally obtain a firearm, that the second amendment and the right to bear arms should not be infringed, whether by laws such as red flag laws that forcefully and without warrant seize an individual's firearm, or by policies that make it harder for law abiding and mentally well citizens to get a firearm for protection. Freedom of expression and freedom to protect oneself, either from other people wishing to do violence or the government, are vital to a free and just nation. All other amendments we are also in support of. It is also beneficial, we think, that laws should be made for the layman to follow and understand, and that laws should be either abolished or simplified in order for greatest freedom of the individual and greatest understanding of the laws for that individual so that they can either follow or object to them.

   Government: We believe that the government is for the people, by the people, and that no other force should decide a politician's view of a bill besides how the people will be affected by it. Thus, we think that all lobbying of the government, whether by industries or companies, should be made illegal, with those participating paying a hefty price for participating. Though donations to the government are approved of, if that donation is either used for bribery or blackmail of an official, it would be illegal and should be punished severely. We also believe that the government should not spy on its people, whether digitally or in real life. In that view, we wish to either abolish programs that is responsible for the storage of a person's personal data without their approval. As it would be that companies should be punished for doing so, government organisations should also be punished, such as the NSA. All programs should be done in the service of the people, not in service of the elite or one's political standing.

   Family: Pax Americana believes that the family unit is the most important part in the functioning of society. Thus it is important to support the family unit and society to support those familial values. In that sense, we hold that certain social programs that have it that there must be only one parent involved with raising the children, which may influence fathers to leave their families, or mothers to leave their husbands, as the social program will give more than the husband can, should be abolished and replaced with either programs that help benefit the entire family with both parents, or be totally done away with with no replacement, though the former option is more favorable. We also find it better to possibly have it so that households may live off a single income with a full time job, allowing the father work to support his family and the income needed to support that family. It is also to be mentioned that the traditional family model should be more greatly suggested in education, however there should still be mention and education on homosexuality and other dealings with unorthodox sexuality. There should also be greater pressure for traditional values and conservative standings, such as with sexuality, drugs, and other vices. However, as we cannot force people to believe in what we think, it is only through suggestion that we put these values, with allowing the opposite values to also be shared so that people may make an educated choice in their beliefs.

   This represents the bulk of what the Pax Americana Party believes in. While there are also other snippets of information that represent what the party believes in, what has been shown is the main ideas of what we believe in. Our core though is represented in the slogan Veritatis, libertatis, iustitiae, pacem, meaning truth, liberty, justice, peace. These four values are what drive Pax Americana, and it is through these values that we wish to present through our policies and our politics, for we cannot have any of them without the others. This is what our values are, what we believe to be what should be strived for, and what we think that the state should be for its people.


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