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Philosophy, politics, interviews

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Philosophy, politics, interviews

Paradoxism published by Mathew Lancpok
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Posted on 2019-09-11
Writer Description: Philosophy, politics, interviews
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   Paradoxism is a philosophy that accepts the notion that life and reality is, in itself, a paradox. One can find truth, but truth can never be reached. One can obtain truth by looking outwards, but can only attain it by looking inwards. It states that there is objective morality, but that all morality is subjective. It is a philosophy of the absurd and the existential, the physical and metaphysical.

   Humans are the greatest harbingers of the paradox. We strive for freedom, yet also look for safety, two opposites that inveitably must conquer the other. We seek positivity, yet strive to find and, if we cannot find, make negativity in our daily lives. We are both the most logical creatures on our world and the most illogical creatures on our world. We have created empires in the same way as we have destroyed them, made kings out of peasants and peasants out of kings. We embody the duality of order and chaos, the embodiment of what happens when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object.

   As there is paradox in man, there is also in nature, in that out of chaos there is order. From all our sciences and theories we can understannd how nature works, but why it works is in itself paradoxical. From supposed chaos there is order, and from supposed order there is chaos, feeding eachother in a forever looping cycle of two serpants eating eachothers' tails. The swallow need not worry for his next meal, the bee need not care for when the flowers bloom. They merely live life as it is given, within chaos that gives them order.

   Thus it is the study of the paradox that one can find understanding, while not being able to understand at all. With every answer there is a question, to keep the balance laid in inhrently noncontradictional contradiction. It is this researching of the paradox and using it as a lens to see our world that one both finds certain meaning and no certain meaning in life, where God both exists and doesn't exist all at once, where everything is interconnected and not connected at all. This is the thought of Paradoxism, the path of enligtenment by becoming the fool, and the path of foolery by becoming enlightened.


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