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Why Bungie Needs To Add Split-Screen To 'Destiny 2'


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Why Bungie Needs To Add Split-Screen To 'Destiny 2' published by Evanvinh
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Posted on 2016-04-26
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We had some kids over the other day and, naturally, they wanted to play video games.

I’d been playing the new Call of Duty: Black Ops III “Eclipse” DLC, and none of the boys had played any Call of Duty game before. So I fired up some local matches against bots and let them play some split-screen matches. We rotated games, two playing and two watching.

(Note: I don’t think the campaigns in Call of Duty are appropriate for kids at all, but multiplayer is just fine.)

It was a blast. Actually, it had been a little while since I’d played a game in split-screen with a group like this. Growing up has its drawbacks, and one of these is that you rarely get together with a group of friends to play video games. That’s all done online these days, which is great, but never quite as fun as sitting around and cheering one another on or trash-talking. More and more games are foregoing split-screen altogether, making such experiences even more rare.

Really, the only other game I’ve done much of this with in recent years has been Mario Kart 8, though we did dip into some split-screen campaign stuff with The Master Chief Collection, back when Halo had split-screen.

The point I’m working towards is really pretty simple: Couch co-op is awesome for first-person shooters, especially on consoles. There’s honestly no reason that games like Halo should forego such a fun part of the experience. Thank goodness Call of Duty still has local split-screen.

So you know what would be awesome? If Bungie included split-screen in Destiny 2. I realize the PvP is very different in Destiny than Call of Duty. There’s no “bot” option in Destiny, though it wouldn’t be impossible. On the other hand, the game is built around cooperative gameplay. Why not have the option to create local Fireteams? Destiny is pretty much the perfect game to play with friends. Why not let those friends play it together in the same space?

Bungie explained the decision to Gamespot back before the original Destiny came out:

“We’re actually not supporting split-screen in Destiny. We love split-screen. Obviously we have a legacy of supporting it. We know a lot of players love it. We love it.

“But we really wanted to untether guardians. Even if you’re in a fireteam, you can go wherever you want. That level of freedom was really important for us. We know some players really like split-screen. Ultimately, you can’t build a game to suit every single player out there.”

Bungie community manager Eric Osborne sounds almost like Donald Trump in that quote. We love split-screen. We love all the split-screens. It loves us!

Alas, Bungie did not love split-screen enough to include it in the game, and I think that’s a shame to this day. I think about playing Call of Duty with the boys and everyone having such a good time. We could fire up Diablo III and play together, or some Super Mario 3D World. But there’s no way to play Destiny together unless we’re apart.



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