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Marvel's Civil War Review

Film Reviews and Retrospectives!

Film Reviews and Retrospectives!

Marvel's Civil War Review published by Miles Kato
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Posted on 2016-05-20
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Marvel's Bernie Vs. Trump movie has recently came out to be very well received with a 90% on rotten tomatoes. Currently the latest in the ever growing franchise of the marvel cinematic universe, this movie is a sequel to the previous Captain America movies by being the 3rd in the franchise while being the avengers sequel that we actually deserved.

Now, I may not be the biggest advocate for these kinds of movies. However, I am happy to report that this film is actually decent. With enough formulaic occurrences and big explosions to appeal to the average film goer while being dumb entertainment for those who don't frequent big releases often. Even though this movie does not utilise film language to its fullest or reinvent the wheel in anyway, I would still be willing to say that it's an above average movie. What I appreciate about this movie that's not addressed in other Marvel movies is the fact that ALL of these superheroes exist in the same universe. For me, it's incredibly distracting in other MCU movies when other heroes refuse to show up and help out when in "The Avengers: AOU", they appear to have each other's phone numbers. Without a consistent universe, to me, you don't have a believable one. Even though I wasn't a fan of the other Captain America movies, I was still able to invest myself in this movie’s universe. And comparing all of Captain America’s movies together I would probably say that this one's the best. The action scenes seemed much better executed and I appreciated that for some scenes the directors seemed to care somewhat about the shot composition. The political message, While EXTREMELY prominent was not over-bearing, and the music was quite enjoyable. Granted, it wasn't on the level of Clint Mansel or Hans Zimmer but the genericness of the music wasn't too off putting.

Most of the cinematic parts to this film was functional, however the main drawback to this project was the writing. This was probably due to the over-arching Marvel Cinematic plan. The movies main goal is to show you the "merchandise" as characters and most film making comes secondary to that main goal. But in terms of plot, The character motivations of our two main characters became so disjointed on contradictory that I began to confuse the two. They consistently broke the rules that the character established for themselves, the main perpetrator of this being Iron Man (Played by Robert Downey Jr.). Now even though he gave a good performance, it was the character's writing that put me off. Even though "The Avengers" saved billions of lives, the few off screen casualties warrants the UN to step in to control these vigilantes. Putting my political beliefs, to any rationally thinking man, this is definitely not the best idea. And somehow, most of “The Avengers” are actually ok with this concept EXCEPT Captain America (Played By Chris Evans). One of Iron Man's lines is "We need to be put in check." WHAT? By people who aren't you? If you're apparently not able to make decisions about whether or not you should be going into combat, then how can you say you're able to make the decision about whether or not you're able to make the decision about whether or not you should go into combat? It's annoying to see stupid ideas being accepted by otherwise logical characters in order to move forward the plot. Iron Man was put into a position that was fairly unjustified, so every move he makes to add legitimacy to his claim just makes out to be more of a sociopath ESPECIALLY near the end.

Another problem associated with Marvel movies is the lack of tension for me personally. You never feel like any of these characters feel pain or have any possibility. The one moment for legitimate tension they ruin almost instantaneously. And for me personally, I liked this Spider-Man. Didn't love him but he does have the potential to be great. As well as that, The Black Panther was actually quite intimidating. However, one scene involving someone he cared about that was delivered very cheesley and the scene suffered on the whole because of it and lacked an emotional impact.

Anyway, I'd recommend this movie as some good old-fashioned dumb fun. Don't let me stop you from watching it because obviously I'm not exactly a fan of superhero movies to begin with. Some nitpicky aspects that have towards the genre did not affect my rating at all, and I would give this :

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