Bernie Sanders has finally shown his true colors.

Musings and opinions from a bastard.

Musings and opinions from a bastard.

Bernie Sanders has finally shown his true colors. published by Bastard
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Posted on 2016-07-02
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The Sanders political revolution has come to the point I suspected that it would; endorsing Hilary Clinton for political power. Despite all of his 'rage' and pandering to the younger generation that felt so ostracized by the political parties, he has used them as 'useful idiots' to garner some level of political power of the Democratic Platform for the 2016 Presidential Election. This is the other side of socialism that people so often forget. It isn't about you. It is about your leader and what they can acquire for themselves. They simply promise you all kinds of free goodies for you to become the 'force' behind their own ambitions.

While I'm sure there are various attempts to reconcile this within various supporter's minds, wasn't it Sanders claiming that he was winning? Wasn't it Sanders simply claiming he was behind because of a system that was rigged against him? Yet here Sanders is 'winning' big concessions for the Democratic Platform, using his mass of followers as the center of his power.

Those noble ideas of Mr. Sanders were nothing more than an attempt to claim some level of power. And that should have been simple when he constantly attacked the Democratic Party Process for their nominee while never assaulting the Electoral College itself. The very system that allows states to have a higher value vote over other states, thus all one must do is ensure that those states and interest groups are given just enough of what they need to ensure their Electoral Value is utilized for their political purpose. Abolish the Electoral College and make every vote equal and you find that the landscape changes. No more California holding an Electoral Advantage of 55 delegates over Montana's Electoral College Delegates of 3. Look at the map yourself.

This is one of the reasons I don't concern myself with voting. It doesn't have the same weight as other votes for the Presidency of the United States. It isn't about the popular vote, it is about pandering to special interests. The other reasons... I think that George Carlin said it best; garbage in and garbage out.


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