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Before you register. Read your rights as a writer or reader!

What are my rights as a reader?

  • You have the right to stay 100% anonymous in your reading.
  • is not responsible for ANY user posts / links / etc. The reader may assume that the writer of the article is solely responsible for the content that is displayed.
  • It is your right to decide whether something is a reportable offense. The moderators are the people.
  • It is your responsibility to report "victim-based" crime. (A person using drugs is a non-victim based crime.
  • It is your responsibility to assume writers stay on topic in their content. (e.g. an article featuring NSFW material must be about that NSFW material)
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that rumors are clearly stated as a rumor as the article 'type'.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that opinions are clearly stated as an opinion as the article 'type'.
  • It is your responsibility to report plagiarism.
  • It is your responsibility to report doxxing.
  • No account is needed to report, rate, or read articles.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that articles are content-rich and not spam (e.g. irrelevant and/or inappropriate messages not suitable as a blog.)
  • If you choose to donate to a writer's article, you assume loss of anonymity due to third party accounts through PayPal

What are my rights as a writer?

  • You can write with anonymity in mind. will protect your identity.

    • Cannot Post:
    • Child pornography.
    • Doxxing.
    • Call to action of harming people
    • Items subject to copyright / patent claims.
    • Content that is clearly spam. (e.g. irrelevant and/or inappropriate messages not suitable as a blog)

    • You Can Post:
    • NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content
    • Any speech.
    • Drug advocating.
    • Anti-copyright / anti-patent advocating.
    • General news / subjects outside of the status quo, provided it does not physically harm anyone.
    • An article ABOUT child pornography, murder, harming of people, physical harm of people.

  • is not responsible for ANY user posts / links / etc. A writer may assume that they take on all responsibility for any content posted.
  • Anonymity is key as a writer. You may reveal yourself at your own discretion in your own articles for credit.
  • A writer may post rumors as long as it is clearly stated as a rumor as the 'type' of article.
  • A writer may post opinions provided it is clearly stated as an opinion as the 'type' of article.
  • You cannot plagiarize. is a site that condones free individual thought. You must post sources if you are to quote someone.
  • When you accept donations, you assume responsibility of paying individual taxes/regulations. You also assume responsibility that your anonymity is lost when you accept funds.
  • A writer's articles are subject to removal if they break these rules. will protect your rights to freedom of speech. Hateful or not, provided you do not write articles creating a physical victim.

Disclaimer - Your Privacy

I had built this website solely from scratch with no assistance. What I know is what I know. To address people's concerns over privacy, it is important that I am upfront and honest over what kind of technology potentially tracks you.

Ways this site will track you:

  • Google Analytics: I thought about making my own analytics tracking but the more I thought about it the more I would have needed to store sensitive information on my servers. Not only that, it would increase the amount of development I would have to perform by at least double, as an analytics platform is just as cumbersome as a blog platform. So instead of trying to build my own, I opted to use Google Analytics API to track how many people are on my site. My own view of who is watching is severely curbed. I can see what country people log in from and how many, but no specifics on IP addresses, but it would not surprise me if Google is tracking much more than I am just by me opting to use Google Analytics. To avoid this type of tracking, I suggest using a VPN. Over time I do plan on building my own analytics tracking or hiring developers if this website ever takes off or if I receive funding.
  • Rating System: I built a rating system for both articles and users to be rated, which as of now has no functionality other than seeing an average of what everyone has rated. To create a uniqueness to each rating proved to be a challenge without people needing to sign in. This meant that I had to grab something to perform a rating, which happened to be a person's IP address. This can again be circumvented with a VPN or to simply not rate at all. If privacy is your perogative, then feel free to not rate.
  • Javascript library in Bootstrap: I am pretty certain there is currenlty no tracking tools on Bootstrap but that is not to say that their API might change in the future to include tracking. But mostly the purpose of Bootstrap is to provide mobile friendlyness without having to spend forever in a CSS/Javascript nightmare to code.
  • Javascript in general: I've been very careful in selecting what javascript libraries I use, of which, none are present with the libraries tied to Bootstrap. My own internal javascript only includes redirects, so there should be no javascript tracking or forcing you to do something you wouldn't already want to do.

Additional Notes:


Okay listen tiger. Relax. I understand how wronged you feel because someone banned your article. Please understand that this website is in the process of growing. People will randomly visit this site where people will want to see quality content. While some content, I could argue, is low quality, it is only the most egregious of articles that get removed due to low quality and/or content that is designed to be obscene and destructive in nature. I intend to provide a soap box for everyone to stand on, not use the box I built as a personal litter box. You can review banned articles here, of which all of them are blatantly in disregard of basic decorum.