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Donald Trump Is Now Anti-Porn, Apparently

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Donald Trump Is Now Anti-Porn, Apparently published by nherting
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Posted on 2016-08-03
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Keeping true to the Republican Party's draconian platform, internet safety advocacy group Enough Is Enough announced Monday that Donald Trump has signed a pledge that would crack down on pornography's "harmful public health impact," the New York Post reports.

The pledge promises that, if elected, Trump will "give serious consideration to appointing a Presidential Commission to examine the harmful public health impact of internet pornography on youth, families, and the American culture." It also calls for stricter laws to help prevent sex trafficking and the sexual exploitation of young children.

This anti-porn stance is a bit of a change for Trump, who once graced the cover ofPlayboy. He isn't exactly well-known as a bastion of sexual morality, either—the guy bragged about sleeping with married women in Art of the Deal and has said more than a few questionable things about young women over the years, including Paris Hilton and his own daughter.

The pledge announcement also comes the same day that the New York Post published some racy photos of 25-year-old Melania Trump posing back in her modeling days, but Trump apparently doesn't think those topless pics pose a risk to the public's health.

"They're a celebration of the human body as art, and [there's] nothing to be embarrassed about with the photos," Trump spokesman Jason Miller said of the photos on CNN Monday. "She's a beautiful woman."


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