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OMG Reading!

Reading, writing and graphic design

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Reading, writing and graphic design

OMG Reading! published by honeymoon reader
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Posted on 2017-03-11
Writer Description: Reading, writing and graphic design
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The story behind my name: Honeymoon Reader.

I really never read anything growing up. It didn't interest me to read even one paragraph. I thought it was dull, boring and time consuming and took me away from the "fun" which was dating and just spending time with my friends and my guy.

Now that I think back, nobody read anything to me while growing up. Unless for one time when my mom decided to help me read Uncle Tom's Cabin. She read it to me, and it made an impression on me as far as reading comprehension and the mere fact of reading a book. That day stayed with me for the rest of my life. Thinking back I can picture myself sitting next to my mom on my bed reading that book. Of course I was not in the United States and had no clue what the book represented and what it really meant. I was just experiencing reading right then for the first time in my life.

Even in school and from then on, I had no guidance to continue to read. My mom was really so busy with the four of us kids, she really never again read to me.

Reading to me has always been an obscure thing. Something I cannot accomplish. Nor was it fun.

Later on, I decided I am artist and went into the field of graphic arts and only read things that helped me learn my graphic design art as I completed my graphic design major.

Later on while studying for my second degree, Business Management, I had to read a lot. It all was boring and nothing meant much to me. I just wanted to complete that degree, so I read and wrote quite a bit. All so boring. Nothing compared to my art, my beloved graphic design art.

Although, about a year ago, I decided that since I am now the artist I want to be, I will now learn to love to read. So I made it my goal to read one entire article about anything once per day for the rest of my life, if not immersed in a book.

Browsing Facebook one day, I clicked on an ad that advertised what is called BookBub. And it took me to this website where you register for free and they send you daily book picks that you can download and read either for free or for very little money.

I thought, THIS I will try. So I did. I downloaded a few books and of course all boring and dull and did not grab my attention. I kept trying though. I knew I had to read and be able to enjoy it since everyone else is able to do it and there are so many benefits when reading. I also started reading articles about the benefits of reading too. The benefits are immense and diverse. Reading is like a workout for the brain.

So, all of the sudden among one of those downloads, I bumped into this one book. It was written so masterfully and easy to understand for my newbie self, that I could not put it down.

I just read that book, page after page. It consumed me. I realized I was living in the world portrayed in that book. I couldn't put it down. I just read and read. Then in the middle of it, since I had to stop at some point—and go to eat or something, I put the book down and thought, WOW! So THIS is what reading is! I want this! I WANT MORE OF THIS! And read more. I want to be transported like this for ever I thought.

Reading to me is now a favorite hobby.

Ever since my newbie discovery, I am either reading a book, or reading some article I find interesting.

Now I love reading and admire writers and their ability to create a world that can be shared with others. It's just an amazing profession. I would love to be able to do a decent job at it. You can obviously see I have zero talent judging from what you just read here—lol.

All of you writers out there are amazing and I admire you.

Honeymoon Reader



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The 1st Amender: 2017-03-12 04:19:13 ID:301

Great job! Love to see some passion in the writers.