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How to Make Your Kitchen Look Clean When You're Too Lazy to Actually Clean It published by nherting
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Posted on 2017-03-25
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How to Make Your Kitchen Look Clean When You're Too Lazy to Actually Clean It

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I’m one of those people whose stress level is directly related to how messy my apartment is, especially my kitchen (because that’s where the most mess happens). But, I’d also rather binge watch Parks & Rec than clean. So, I decided to give the S.O.S.D. method a try and see if it strikes the balance between clean and fast.

S.O.S.D. represents the different areas in your kitchen to focus on for a quick clean: surfaces, oven, sweep (floors), and dishes. I liked the sound of it because the mess that bothers me most is crumbs on the floor and counters and dishes piling up (so thankful for my dishwasher). I ignored the S.O.S.D. order, though, as I prefer to put things on the counter away first, then wipe down surfaces and sweep the floor, rather than clearing and cleaning surfaces before moving on. But whatever works for you.

Once I switched up the order and focused just on clearing counters, getting dishes out of sight, and getting crumbs demolished, it only took fifteen minutes so I had the rest of the night to relax. Sure, my kitchen isn’t as clean as it could be with this method, but it’s clean enough.



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