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Corporate Cock Tastes Worse than Government Cock

For when you have pain in both your body and soul. Directions: Take two, and call me a few hours later to talk about how we don't hang out enough

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For when you have pain in both your body and soul. Directions: Take two, and call me a few hours later to talk about how we don't hang out enough

Corporate Cock Tastes Worse than Government Cock published by Tylenol with MDMA
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Posted on 2017-04-04
Writer Description: For when you have pain in both your body and soul. Directions: Take two, and call me a few hours later to talk about how we don't hang out enough
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              Libertarians are louder than ever. ‘Government has failed us. Government has never done anything right. There’s been no programs successfully run by the government without massive waste.’ If you still aren’t getting the point, play the audiobook for Atlas Shrugged through a megaphone next to your head until you go deaf. I can understand a distrust of the government. Governments have done some terrible things. Genocide is the first to come to mind. Slavery. Dosing citizens with LSD in an attempt to control people’s minds. The Prison Industrial Complex. Putting people into concentration camps… and this is only the United States of America. Across the planet you can find terrible crimes against humanity. It’s disgusting.  

On a smaller scale, there’s many other criticisms. You can’t put into your body whatever you want, you can’t fish freely, you can’t even build a structure to your own specifications. They must be inspected by some greater agency. Per libertarians, these are almost as bad as murder. You should have the individual right to do as one pleases as long as it’s not harming anyone else.

              The libertarian answer? To quote Grover Norquist, “…to cut government in half in twenty-five years, to get it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub.” Take government out of the picture, and we will get our freedom back. It feels a bit weird that libertarians state that’s the goal because that’s more of a goal of anarchists. Unlike anarchists however, libertarians want the power to go to the corporations. Corporations have shareholders to be held accountable to, and need to work to be efficient as possible to stay in business. If they screw over the consumer, the consumer can just not spend money on the corporation and attack back that way.

              It sounds good to be true, and it is. When a corporation gets enough power, it transcends its corporate status. Especially when it becomes a monopoly. It gives it all the bargaining power, and is able to set requirements on anyone that does business with them or else they won’t be able to access the resource. Now you have an entity that can dictate law. You’re stuck in a Corporatocracy that has even less of a reason to care about you than a government. The corporations will control your life, while running unchecked themselves. They’d be free to poison the water, pollute the air, and use up all available resources for quarterly gains.

              For the sake of their own protection, they’ll enact the same kind of limitations on you that government would, or depending on the ambition you won’t even get those right. You can’t hunt because by having housing in a megacorporation city, you ‘acknowledge’ that nature belongs to the corporation. Anyone trying to make a living on their own will be shot as trespassers. There would be little to no incentive to help those in need. No options for the disabled. “Fuck You, Got Mine” will run rampant. If you’re not born into money, I hope you don’t mind being a corporate serf.

You will sign away your rights to live.

Your Constitution will be a EULA written by your new overlords. 


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The 1st Amender: 2017-04-04 01:09:42 ID:1972

This is why I am a minarchist. You need some levels of a small government to help uphold the non-aggression principle. The other thing to note is you can't really have any level of monopoly unless you have either of two things:

One: The trade happens to be revolved around a non-renewable resource (i.e. oil, diamonds)

Two: You satisfy 100% of the entire demand.

As for the former - there should be a minimal government to help curb bullying someone out of business with non-renewable resources. Industrialism has proven that geographic monopolies are a very real thing. (Rockafeller)

The latter is impossible or nearly impossible to maintain. As soon as the latter decides to raise prices and kill people to maintain power you will find there will be alternatives created. Even non-renewable resources have been finding this to happen more and more.

All in all it comes down to whether or not a company is willing to live by the NAP.

Anonymous: 2017-04-06 01:22:26 ID:2001

Corporations have *never* lived by 'the non-aggression principle'; to believe otherwise is to indulge in the most utopian form of idealism imaginable. They simply off-shore their aggression. Sony, for example, requires African rare earth elements in their Playstations; this requires them to take sides in domestic conflicts on that continent. It's a form of aggression, however, that is hidden from their end-product consumers.

The 1st Amender: 2017-04-07 12:18:01 ID:2002

Then it is up to the people - not to a governmental agency to force that company to stop. As you can see right now government has done little to help curb against the interest of the people, socialist or not. The only way a company can be forced to stop is a vote. A vote with their dollars. What's important instead is the education of overall people to make enough of a push to make changes in the way unsustainable profit works. We can see already there is the existence of creating sustainable company models as time goes on. Corporations aren't perfect -- but I could say that governments are also imperfect and that corporations have the way to make the overall change without curbing the freedom of individuals and nations.

Anonymous: 2018-09-29 02:25:54 ID:2334

Maybe, but only one of em rammed down your throat

Anonymous: 2018-11-20 04:51:43 ID:3037

…consider that an authoritarian entity need not necessarily be a named government or corporation. The role of what amounts to that of the warlord, gang leader, dictator, or their ilk, as to greater or lesser extents the lesser roles of their associated sycophants and henchmen are likely to appeal to individuals inclined to overlook or embrace immoral aspects of the authoritarian entities they may be participants in. ‘Tis truly difficult for one to clearly perceive the nature of that which directly benefits one.