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How this site ( could be improved.


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How this site ( could be improved. published by pebble
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Posted on 2017-09-01
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First of all, to create a good and interesting website that people want to browser and post on we have to look at successful ones. Whether you like them or not, sites like twitter, reddit, and 4chan have found their own formulas that attracts certain users to them. But despite the variety of site design, all these websites share the same skeleton of what makes a website popular. They all have a core focus on how users can interact. This focus spawns site culture and trend, which is another appeal of why one would use or contribute to that site. and other views silenced

How we want to communicate with others is one of the main reason we choose "our" websites we regularly go to. We expect consistency and an ability to "relate" to other users. No person would feel like he is a part of a community if he is in constant disagreement with them. There has to be a common grounds where all the users could relate and feel a sense of belonging to that particular community.

So how does the aim to provide that?

Who would want to use the

The wants an oasis of free speech, Free of censorship, Where anyone passionate enough would want to create articles about whatever they want.
But why would a person use the over other more successful sites and communities where that person's views are supported?

Because they felt rejected or were kicked off everything else.

This will attract people who are more extreme. People who NEED freedom of speech, because their ideas are radically different than what is commonly thought.

If the (or any social media site) is looking to grow, it needs to find a balance between appealing to outcasts and attracting average people.


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Anonymous: 2017-09-02 05:10:24 ID:2120

Not a bad article. And you have some valid points. I would also like to say that it is painfully apparent that right now your favorite social networking sites are attempting to silence people's speech actively. Make people feel isolated and alone... or outright banned in whatever they want to preach. 1stamender doesn't do that.

1stamender doesn't also isolate people in their belief system. It blends it in with everyone else. This inherently stops the echo chamber and allows people to obtain multiple view points. It would only get better and better as more people flock in. These are just my opinions though.