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Something's Gonna Give

I get stoned and write

I get stoned and write

Something's Gonna Give published by grayman
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Posted on 2017-09-27
Writer Description: I get stoned and write
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For a while now I've been afraid of civil conflict in my country. The two sides to start it: the right and the left.

People like me, my family, my friends, we'll be caught in the middle. We just want to live our lives. We don't give a rat's ass about their agendas, but for some reason society makes us choose. I personally care very little about global politics, but it's shoved down my throat every single day.

I believe, however, the civil war won't come from the right or the left. It's my fear that the middle, the third faction, will snap and go to war. My fear is that we'll get sick of being forced to pick a side and create our own side.

That's how WWIII happens. The fall of extremism, the rise of moderates.


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Anonymous: 2017-09-27 08:46:32 ID:2133

See right now I see the power of the extremists popping up out of nowhere. Radicals out of nowhere causing all sorts of problems. I hate it. I want to see more sensible approaches but not so much so that nothing gets done. We need another Ron Paul.