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Blame the News

I get stoned and write

I get stoned and write

Blame the News published by grayman
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Posted on 2017-09-28
Writer Description: I get stoned and write
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Most if not all of the conflict, anger, salt, and general discourse can be sourced back to mass outlets of information. Ie, the news.

Political, weather, local, entertainment, etc. These outlets all decide what they show and when they show it. And guess what gets the most views? Bad shit.

You see, if you're constantly alerting the common man about the next big cool or terrible thing, they're always going to tune in to see what's up. If you make a big flashy headline and your segment has fancy graphics, you're gonna feel yourself pulled in.

Thing is, people don't realize that bad shit is happening all the time. Meaning, injustice is the status quo of the world as much as is justice. Because people don't know this, they overreact, movements start, protests start, eventually riots break out. At that point everyone's completely forgotten what started this mess, but no one cares because there's a bad thing they need to yell about.

Sensationalism is the death of the moderates. Those in power want us in conflict with each other, because it divides us. They want us to focus on red herrings to turn our attention away from the slow, steady stripping away of freedom and independence.

This is a war between the 1 and the 99. It is a silent war, and the 99 are losing because they want to.


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Anonymous: 2017-09-28 01:13:40 ID:2134

See while I don't think there is a centralized control to try and pull away freedoms, we are inadvertently causing freedom to erode and the founding of our nation to erode. I just can't imagine a group of billionaires sitting down at a round table all ringing their hands together in unison: "Muahhahah we have gotten the peasants to relinquish their freedom for our services HAHAHA!" Something like this is an exaggeration in itself. The reality is a lot more 'grey area'. Things like the Youtube ad-pocalypse is a perfect example. Youtube being with Google saw ad-revenue being pulled due to offensive content. So to keep their business they decided to demonetize anything that could be deemed offensive. This may be logical on Google's perspective but in return relinquished a bit of overall freedom for people to do what they want. They didn't think "Muhahah we're taking away the freedom and there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!" they thought more of "Oh no people don't like our site lets fix it so people like it again." Does this make sense?

grayman: 2017-09-28 05:27:30 ID:2136

That does seem to make a lot more sense, actually, and it's an idea I touched on in my Accidental Conspiracy article. I guess I was in a more cynical state of mind when I wrote this. However, I do believe it is naive to say that absolutely NO ONE is actively attempting to take away our freedoms for the sake of building their own wealth and power.

Anonymous: 2017-09-29 09:21:45 ID:2139

I guess there would be people who do want to take freedoms for wealth and power. Just not as exaggerated as one would initially believe. Our brains have a way about exaggerate things to the point that it's almost like a comic book villain.