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The Gods of tomorrow.

Politics and banter

Politics and banter

The Gods of tomorrow. published by Stubborn Deer
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Posted on 2017-09-28
Writer Description: Politics and banter
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Those of you who care enough to tell others they are wrong; you will be the gods of tomorrow.

There will be no "Allah", no "Jesus Christ", there will be no "Bhudda", the prophesy of the future will be stumbled on by someone  accidently as they rave and ramble in an attempt to get their fellow man out of his slumber and fight against the destruction of life, liberty and freedom with him. For so rare is bravery today, so scarce is the gaul required to speak out against the tide of ignorance, depravity and madness that those who have it will no doubt be hailed as gods.

And why not!

What seperates a man from a god? It is the ability to control men, for the world is irrelevant if not for men in mens eyes. So weak are men today that the few who have the strength to speak openly will no doubt curve the future to their will. Hence why it is so important for the powers that be to curtail freedom of speech, for they know all to well that knowledge is power, and if the only source of knowledge, the only voice that teaches is the voice that comes from the monitor, shouting "UP IS DOWN, LEFT IS RIGHT", then that will be all the people will learn, and they will be FUCKING RETARDED when they grow up.

Look at the people around you who can not see the world for what it is. What do you see in them? A fear of thinking, a fear of speaking out (unless of course everyone else is doing it, and even then, only about a topic approved by the masses and only on the side approved by the masses). They do not really think left is right, or that two plus two is five, they have just absorbed the message, and the message is not two plus two equals five, although they can repeat it, the message is "I AM GOD".

When they hear that kind of thing, they will obey it and protect it with the same vigor and jealousy that you see religious zealots protect their books. They will attack you for talking against it, passively aggressively most of the time, for they are truely cowards, but they do attack. The reason they do this is because that voice is their god. If they obey it, it teaches them and lets them get ahead in life. No matter how insane you are, if you obey the goverment, if you absorb the social justice nonsense, the government will give you a job, or get the media to pity you. If you disobey it, god attacks you, the people attack you.

This must have happened before, surely, that would explain everything. What most don't know is WHY only certain people fall for this, WHY only certain men are weak (a majority now). Some may say it is the soul, some say it just is, and that is WHY it is (usually the weak ones say this).

The reason is that they have a female mind. The female mind is developed in a particular way, it is weak, and can be told what to do, and MUST be told what to do to survive. It is not stubborn, it does not rise to anger when someone tells it that it is wrong, it just absorbs what the most powerful voice in the room says and ignores everything else. Reason has no place in the female mind, other than the reason "I must because otherwise I will starve". Logic has no place, independance is impossible.

This female mind comes about because of chemicals in the water supply, because of estrogens in the water supply, because of xeno estrogens in food, because of lack of proper minerals, because of many things instrinsic to "modern society" that are considered normal. Once the mind has developed, it is over for independance. Men with female minds form gangs of omega males, like the apes in africa increasingly do, and attack alpha males that threaten them, that show independance as it is a direct threat to their survival.

You will have seen this increasingly in the 80's and 90's, with bullying going from picking on boys for not trying, to picking on boys for not "winning".

Where else does society act like this? Only respecting victors, rather than hard work? In FEMALE society. It is the women who only looks to the winner, and that is exactly why the women never wins, because she does not work hard. She only wants the fruits of the labour, she does not enjoy toil. In modern society, it is now considered a "mental illness" to be male minded: to not enjoy the pointless ear poking squawking of women, to be independant and want to do things yourself, to have trouble learning through repetition, this is considered "autism".

And we all know what people with "autism" are treated like for refusing to accept societies rules and regulations demanding that they be "cool" and "normal". Far to often are these "autistic" males with the greatest potential for leadership cast aside and abused, giving rise to other mental illnesses, or medicated to "control" their "tendencies to violent behavior".

God forbid we would have an entire generation of autistic men, who did not like absorbing information, forcing others to conform and instead wanted to be alone, not listen to repedative electronic music and take drugs, but study the world and understand it in their own way, instead of regurgitating fiftieth-hand crap from some book written by any assortment of left winged brainless acedemic parrots all to often labled "progressive" purely because they progress their own agenda, reguardless of the direction".

Those of you who have the Gaul in you to stand up and tell the world that it is what it is will make it what it is tomorrow, because the world of tomorrow will be entirely female minded, and moldable to your male will.


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