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Antidote for Limited Sight

Happiness, Self Leadership and a Better Society

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Happiness, Self Leadership and a Better Society

Antidote for Limited Sight published by Maura4u
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Posted on 2017-10-04
Writer Description: Happiness, Self Leadership and a Better Society
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“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”  ~ Helen Keller

When our vision is limited on the inside, we suffer a sense of scarcity or loss on the outside.

My latest podcast takes up the topic of vision once again. This one, in particular, is inspired by the notion that we can frame and define our views on what something looks like. When outward expressions don’t match up with what we inwardly define, we can actually believe we are lacking — when the very opposite could be true.

Are you seeing your own circumstances through a limited lens? If so, perhaps it’s time to open your mind to a broader way of thinking.

As with every podcast, I share something from my personal experience. Discover a few stories about a concept I defined as “motherhood” which, narrowly defined, prevented me from seeing myself through a bigger lens. I believed something had eluded me – even though evidence was all around me!

If you have ever restricted your own ideas on life and are looking for inspiration that leads to abundant vision, listen in.

Then hear from Natalia from Poland — and now Montecatini, Italy — as she shares what makes her happy from the inside out, too.Click here or on the link below for Podcast 126: Limited Scope.

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