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Raxxedout Thinks I Can Make An Article About His Dumb Shit

Im gay

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Im gay

Raxxedout Thinks I Can Make An Article About His Dumb Shit published by Raxxed Out
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Posted on 2018-01-14
Writer Description: Im gay
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I dunno dudes, Raxxedout asked me to write an article about him “getting pk’d” and he asked me to include the even worse picture above.

To try and honor his shit request, I asked him to answer a few questions for me. You know, because I don’t know shit about his life or pk’ing because I’m a decent fucking human being. The dumbass gave me half sentence answers. What the fuck am I supposed to do with that?! This guy either thinks I’m God and can create the world out of nothing, or he’s a gigantic retard and has no idea how to write shit.

Here’s the goddamn bullshit he gave me:

Interviewer: Where were you when you were murdered?

Raxxedout: red portle

I: What were you doing there and why?

R: i was looking for drygores because drygores

I: Has this ever happened to you or someone you know?

R: no but the drygores called to me

I: What did you do after it happened?

R: i cryed about not having drygores

I: What did you do the next day?

R: went looking for more drygores again

I: Did you regret putting yourself in that situation or do you blame the other person?

R: always blame the other person

I: How much total did you lose?

R: i lost my drygore dye

I: What are you going to do now?

R: vorago for my drygore

I: Did you learn anything from this experience?

R: the drygores may speak to u but they may be liieing


Like, legitimately look at that garbage. That absolute trash. I can’t even embellish his answers into something clever or fun! It’s like he is still on the whole Drygore Jokes week thing. FUcK! As we all know, this guy irritates the shit outta me anyway. It was like a small piece of my soul died just getting to know him a little more. I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE MOMENTARY FAME AND ATTENTION, RAXXEDOUT!


Look, I’d love to take more requests from people about article ideas. That’s fun. I like doing the interviews and learning more about other people’s personalities and senses of humor. So just because I roasted this retard, don’t feel like I’d do the same to you.


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Anonymous: 2018-01-14 08:10:34 ID:2190

Can we have a follow up interview please? Rsn spankmemonke. We need more shit posts like these =3

Anonymous: 2019-06-21 09:59:52 ID:3309

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