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I Believe that We Earn a Soul

I get stoned and write

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I get stoned and write

I Believe that We Earn a Soul published by grayman
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Posted on 2018-03-21
Writer Description: I get stoned and write
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You are not ever born with a soul. You are born with a mind, and a body, and you are just this fleshy little ball of reaction and instinct. You don't know anything. You just do.

Then your brain gets bigger, your body gets bigger, your senses can take more in. Your perception widens. You start to feel discomfort, change, but you like it. You like the pain. Because it is something new.

Now with pain versus comfort, there is disparity. There is approximation. Two things can bounce off each other, a seed and its earth. After this a soul is born, small, but growing. When you truly become sentient, conscious, self-aware, that's when you earn a soul.

And that is heaven, because a soul is the one thing in this universe that will not be torn apart. It will remain forever.


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