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Thou Shalt Commit Logical Fallacies

Logic. Politics.

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Logic. Politics.

Thou Shalt Commit Logical Fallacies published by Ramtide
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Posted on 2018-09-29
Writer Description: Logic. Politics.
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In the realm of public opinion, it does not matter so much that one is right, but rather that one is perceived as such.

The methods used to arrive at a conclusion from a series of given premises have been honed to a point through the years. There are rules, that when understood, make for a solid argument for one's position. This is all well and good, but as fortune would have it, not all are swayed by reason. Man, for all his lofty aspirations at being a rational animal, still fall painfully short. At times, he is irrational, emotional, and easily swayed by things he should know simply are not true.

The series of articles I will be writing are intended to not only educate you as to what the different fallacies are,  bit more importantly, it will teach you how to effectively employ them against your ideological opponents.   


Happy hunting.



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