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We Were QUEENS (And Still Are)

Social Justice

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Social Justice

We Were QUEENS (And Still Are) published by Rwanda Johnson
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Posted on 2018-09-29
Writer Description: Social Justice
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Aight ,FIRST OFF let me just say this: yes their was kings too BUT πŸ‘ THIS πŸ‘ AINT πŸ‘ ABOUT πŸ‘ YOU πŸ‘

There seem to be a lot of confusion about whomst was the first peoples of Egypt and I'm finna clear that right up. It was people of color. And they rulers was strong women of color like you can see, just look up cleopatra?? Facts. Egypt is in Africa, Africa hello, like African American aka BLACK. Also it's hella hot up there so theres NO WAY wypipo coulda survived. And another thing, look at white architecture and see it has no soul, whereas the pyrmaids are natures perfect shape and has survived millions of years (another technology white men stole). 

Too many good Queens noadays think they voice is silenced but just remember black and brown bodies MATTER. So be loud, be proud, and most importantly, bee yourself. Don't believe the history books which was wrote by old white men! Make your own history or should i say HERstory #TheFutureISFemale. Also we were astronauts too 


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Rwanda Johnson : 2018-09-29 04:56:01 ID:2349

dam... this is deep. stay woke

The 1st Amender: 2018-09-29 05:28:16 ID:2976

Nice job Rwanda 10/10 keep it up proud of you.

Is Op Faggot: 2018-09-29 06:04:37 ID:2978

Why are you sensoring my 1st amendment? Is there a minimum word count for this faggot site?

The 1st Amender: 2018-09-29 06:07:44 ID:2979

You're posting clearly spam bro. I'm going to block spam. It says so and it's very clear. I'm banned on 4chan as well right now for promoting my site. Feel free to talk to me on discord.

Is Op Faggot: 2018-09-29 06:11:17 ID:2980

How is that spam? It was an opinion piece bro. You write opinions about others. Do you need me to go into more detail why op is a faggot? So you have the executive order to decide what is spam bro? You sound like the man, maaan. And discord is cancer.

The 1st Amender: 2018-09-29 06:16:59 ID:2981

just fucking join you troll haha

Is Op Faggot: 2018-09-29 06:24:32 ID:2982

So you justify it as spam just because you didn't like it? I'm honestly curious. I followed all your guidelines. What constitutes something spam? I had an introduction, reason, and conclusion in my post. I put a lot of thought into it.

The 1st Amender: 2018-09-29 06:26:43 ID:2983

You copied a picture of me and put a dick photoshopped into my mouth. That is not covered under 1st Amendment. It's spam and just makes everyone not want to use the site. That's why I removed it.

Rwanda Johnson : 2018-09-29 11:03:06 ID:2985

dumbass whiteboys arguin smh go shoot up a school

The 1st Amender: 2018-09-30 03:36:41 ID:2993

I love you so much Rwanda keep up the great work. #WYPIPO

Anonymous: 2018-10-16 09:40:56 ID:3005

it’s already a known fact that all people evolved from brown / black skin color. And I’d say probably in 200 years all people will be brown as everyone will be a mix of every skin color.

Additionally the pyramids were built around 5 thousand years ago not millions. The earliest humans have only been around for around 200-400 thousand years.

Anonymous: 2019-06-06 12:07:00 ID:3220

Royalty without subjects is no longer royalty. Start showing respect for others, and maybe others will start showing you proper respect, instead of giving you empty compliments due to empty virtue signaling. Egypt wasn't run by Blacks. It was run by olive skinned people. Look at the hieroglyphs. Yes still technically not whites, but not blacks either. I'm sure there had to be some sort of leaders in sub-Saharan Africa, but it wasn't in ancient Egypt.