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Fact checking politifact: fox news file


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Fact checking politifact: fox news file published by Oan
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Posted on 2018-11-02
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Fact checking politifact: fox news file

Politifact: (the partisan democrat orginazition owned by the tampa bay times) had again published a list of “false statements” from fox.

In an effort to keep politifact honest we decided to fact check the fact checkers.

Heres what we found:

Except assange confirmed it was true

While it is true that almost 90% of americans support some kind of background check. Laura was referring to the claim that 90% want increasedbackground checks.

This was debunked

the Washington Post poll only asked would you in be in favor of a law for background checks. Not whether they would favor increased background checks

A poll commissioned by the National Shooting Sports Foundation found when respondents were informed by the questioner that most gun show purchases already fall under the background checks support for additional background check requirements plummeted.

More info: here

This is clearly a sarcastic opinion from a pundit. Not a statement of fact

This is true according to actual fact checking

O’Reilly’s statement refers to a landmark case on gun District of Columbia vs. Heller. the Supreme Court found that Washington’s gun regulations — essentially amounting to a ban on handguns in the home — were unconstitutional.

Before the case it appeared in the federal court of appeals for the D.C. where Garland has been a judge

Garland didn’t vote on this case at all.

In response to "Do you think health care in Massachusetts is working?" the poll found that 38 percent said yes 49 percent said and 13 percent were undecided.

While it’s obviously not HUGE it is clear that the majority of people did not support it

So once again PolitiFact was caught making things up in order to make Fox News look bad. Just comes on the heels how about a presidential election where PolitiFact was caught smearing one of the presidential candidates as well.



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