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Is fox news registered as entertainment


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Is fox news registered as entertainment published by Oan
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Posted on 2018-11-02
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Is fox news registered as entertainment?

CLAIM: many far left blogs and satire websites (as well as fake news outlets) have claims that Fox News is registered as entertainment

NO. and that’s because the Fox News Channel is distributed only by cable. not by broadcast over the airwaves. (Local Fox-owned TV stations are regulated because they use the airwaves.) The FCC regulates who can use airwaves because the spectrum of broadcast frequencies available is limited. There are only so many stations that can broadcast television signals in a given area—limited mainly by the physics of how broadcasting works and how one station’s signal could interfere with another station’s signal. Thus the frequency spectrum is considered a public resource that is allocated only to broadcasters who agree to certain public service requirements.

for FCC databases and here are the pages that show up:

Search FCC Databases

Ownership Disclosure Information Search

Fox Television Stations Inc is filed under the FCC. NOT FOX NEWS, which is a not named.

File Number: 0002080635

FRN: 0005795067

Date of Filing: 11/16/1999



Fox Television Stations Inc



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