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Which Loli feet each White Nationalist leader would enjoy the most

Which Loli feet each White Nationalist leader would enjoy the most

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Posted on 2019-02-19
Writer Description: Which Loli feet each White Nationalist leader would enjoy the most
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It makes sense to start out with a character that I know will get attention. That is right, today we are talking about the man himself, Adolf Hitler! While you may recognize the loli in the picture as Kanna from Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, she does not have the kind of feet that Hitler would have enjoyed.

In setting out to find Hitler's perfect Loli feet, I had 4 criterium; they had to be small, well trodden, and the feet of a leader. Above all they had to be cute.

Hitler loved animals of all kinds and saw it as his duty to protect them as well as his people. While these characteristics are not necessarily related to feet, sometimes the loli attached to the feet that is important. Are you starting to see where we are going here? If course you do. We are talking about Yui from Mitsuboshi Colors!

Not only does she fit Hitler's ideals, (despite not being blonde), her feet are strong yet delicate. She runs all over shopping street to protect her town from danger. If you bring her feet up to your face after a long day, you get an aroma of both sweat and an earthy forest smell from playing in the park. Despite running around playing on mostly concrete all day, her feet feel soft and gentle on your face. Not one callous mars her beautiful soles. Her toes are cute little stubs, but not too short to where she walks flat footed. She can walk in heels like a dainty, high class woman if you want, (open toed of course), but when it comes right down to it, those little stompers know how to hit the pavement and garner the support of the town.

Yui's feet are perfect for Hitler due to their small, pretty nature and also their ability to save the day. What do you think?



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what the everlasting hell.

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this is article 1500... Awesome.