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I Am Running For President In 2024

Politics, sports, memes etc...

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Politics, sports, memes etc...

I Am Running For President In 2024 published by KingCharles
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Posted on 2019-06-05
Writer Description: Politics, sports, memes etc...
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A Few My Campaign Promises If Elected President


 Legalize midget slavery (black midgets will be exempt, although they will not be allowed to own their own midgets)

 Fuck every other country other than America 

 Both Israel and Palestinian will be nuked my first day in office

 State mandated Waifus for every single man

 Will build giant steel wall with laser beam weapons at the Mexican and Canadian border

 Revoke women's rights to vote

 All disputes will be solved with pistol duels to the death

 Hunger games style battle royal death match for troubled youth to compete in

 Citizens will be required to participate in the mandatory shaming of fat people

 Firearms issued to every citizen at birth (except midgets)

 Legalize the murder of Canadians


I hope I can count on your vote come 2024. 


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Anonymous: 2019-06-06 09:35:09 ID:3225

Finally a candidate with my values.

Anonymous: 2020-11-05 06:37:25 ID:5141

yay the president i need