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White Rural America is DYING and why that's a GOOD thing!

Our Purspose: To give unfiltered news to the Goyim, help solve Anti-Semitism and racism, and to promote diversity in the western world!

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Our Purspose: To give unfiltered news to the Goyim, help solve Anti-Semitism and racism, and to promote diversity in the western world!

White Rural America is DYING and why that's a GOOD thing! published by The GoldBerg Post
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Posted on 2019-06-13
Writer Description: Our Purspose: To give unfiltered news to the Goyim, help solve Anti-Semitism and racism, and to promote diversity in the western world!
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This article was written by Shekelburg Poltov.

The latest demographics from the census beureu shows that white americans are decreasing in the share of America. Back in 1950s, white american consisted of 90% of the United States. Today it had shrunken down to a mere 62% and it gets even better. If this trend continues, white america will be in the MINORITY by 2050.

So what is causing this change? Partly due to immigration patterns from Latin America and soon east and central Asia. It also has to do with low fertility rates among whites with deaths now outnumbering white births. Suicide among white Americans has risen in the past couple of years. To some whites, this may seem scary but hopefully this article can relieve your concerns by giving you 4 reasons why this is a good thing.

  1. ​More Diversity and More Cultural Enrichment!
  2. Better Food and Nutrition
  3. Better Economy and Higher GDP Rates
  4. No More School Shootings and Terrorist Attacks.

1.) More Diversity and More Cultural Enrichment- Everyone knows that that white people have no culture and has a lack of diversity. Immigrants will fill the hole in the cultural fabric and bring about a golden age in America. Say goodbye to American patriotism and say hola to immigrant power.

2.) Better Food and Nutrition- White people can not cook food. They never put any seasoning on their food and frequently complains that it is "too spicy". And when they do have good tasting food it is either deep fried or a burger. Besides, everyone knows that Americans been stealing other countries food because they can not cook for years. Even hamburgers aren't American, they are GERMAN!

3.) Better Economy and Higher GDP Rates- Trump loves to brag about Obama's economy saying things like "muh tax cuts... muh deregulation" when in reality, the economy is pushed by undocumented and legal immigrants. Who is going to work in the factories if white Americans are dying? IMMIGRANTS OF COURSE! Numerous studies have shown that immigrants helps the economy while the weak white man is contemplating.

4.)No More School Shootings and Terrorist Attacks- White people love to shoot up schools when a black dude steals their girlfriend and then blame it on "mental illness" using their white privilege. As the white population declines, you will have to worry less and less about school shootings and Terrorist attacks. Just a couple months ago, a new zealander shot up a mosque killing over 50 peaceful muslims over a made up conspiracy theory called "White Genocide" and "Replacement theory" when in reality, no one is trying to replace whites. Hopefully, this racist rhetoric will die down the more white people decrease.

Now that was 4 reasons why the decreasing white population is a GOOD thing. As we learn to live in a multicultural society, we will more and more end the fight against anti-semitism and racism.



Article Rating: 1.0000

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The GoldBerg Post: 2019-06-13 03:51:20 ID:3289

Shalom! Todays article was written by millionare and world known zionist, ShekelBurg Poltov. We hope you like his elegant writing. Our next article will be about why white supremacist likes to call liberal white males "cuck"

Anonymous: 2019-06-13 03:58:50 ID:3290

No mentiom of the jews

DoingYourMom: 2019-06-13 04:03:03 ID:3291

Well done. Another masterpiece done by the world renowned jewish writer, (((SkeckelBurg Poltov))). I am also a writer at The Goldburg Post. Check out muh shitty content

Anonymous: 2019-06-13 05:38:37 ID:3292

1. So European traditions converted to American traditions don't count? Ok. Go to Florida, then go to Wisconsin, then go to California, and finally Texas. Still no diversity?
2. We don't know how to cook? How many famous chefs are white? If your talking about everyday people, them that's just America (apparently).
3. Last time I checked, illegals don't pay taxes. That money is kept by the companies, who will doubtfully give back to society.
4. White people obviously have that cowboy blood in their veins, right? Hate to break it to you but no, we don't. School shooters are people who haven't had a good childhood and do those things because they have nothing to lose. Help them if you want to lower school shootings. As for terrorist attacks, these are done by people similar to school shooters but bottle it up and leave it simmering. Help them too.

tl:dr fuck you, treat people better and stop bitching about life.

PD: I'm a eurofag, not an American.

The GoldBerg Post: 2019-06-13 05:53:57 ID:3293

It's ok to feel scared about loosing your white privilege and loosing political power. But don't worry. Soon europe and the Americas will be a multicultural paradise. There is nothing wrong with becoming a minority in your own country. This is ony for the best.

Anonymous: 2021-11-03 07:09:12 ID:5295

If there was ever a word called Racist this is it ,
To add what's left out it what credit to the world is owed to white peoples... everything they created every thing ,