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How To Become an IT Millionaire Within 3 years

Bashar al-Assad

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Bashar al-Assad

How To Become an IT Millionaire Within 3 years published by Hezbololi
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Posted on 2019-06-29
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Today we learn how to go from € 40 in your bank to IT millionaire in 3 years. Elon Musk is successful for no reason. He has an intensive daily schedule and works more than 100 hours a week. You should do that too. Sleep 2 hours a day a.k.a. Uberman Sleep. If you take 6 naps of 20 minutes, spread over your day, it feels like you have had 6 hours of sleep. In addition to your sleep, you just go to work. Work 21 hours a day in the supermarket. And you also work every day. 7 days per week. So that brings you to 154 hours a week, 616 hours a month or 7400 hours a year. Don't worry, you have 1 hour of relaxation time per day. So it's easy.


With 11 euros per hour you now earn € 86,000 per year in the supermarket. After two years we are at € 162,000. With this we go to the casino and throw the color black in roulette. Don't worry, you'll make it. Now you have € 324,000. With this money we are going to build a private army in Iraq and Syria. An AK47 costs € 200 in the black market there. A soldier costs € 110 per month. So in a month we can arrange more than 1000 armed soldiers. In addition, we are requesting strategic military assistance on Discord from Civilization V and Hearts of Iron 4 players. Now we will try to take over an oil field in the east of Syria and west of Iraq in a short time. Now we will have to have a value of oil of a few million, let's assume € 3,000,000. And with this we are going to open an IT company that will make a successful game like Fortnite. Now you are an IT millionaire!


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