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Can You Imagine?

Happiness, Self Leadership and a Better Society

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Happiness, Self Leadership and a Better Society

Can You Imagine? published by Maura4u
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Posted on 2019-07-15
Writer Description: Happiness, Self Leadership and a Better Society
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Remember when you could imagine?

Our earliest use of imagination could be found stepping into fantasy-filled images in children's picture books; identifying with superheroes in cartoons; or learning about supernatural conquests in Sunday school or synagogue.

Back then, it was easy to believe. It didn't require much to identify with the amazing, the magnificent, the brilliant and even the impossible.

The facility to believe for the wonderful and extraordinary is hidden in our souls, until we're properly taught and socialized. That's when we learn that the ideas, aspirations and possibilities of our imagination are impractical and/or impossible.

Losing our ability to imagine is slow and gradual for most. But it's quick for some who experience traumas like the ravages of war or an unexpected death of a loved one.

By adulthood, we've yielded to familiar limitations and norms, surrendering to a world most of us find far less than optimum. We may criticize others and bemoan the way things are while overlooking our own role in creating something better. Why? Because our willingness to believe and imagine has long been stifled.

“I tell all of you with certainty, unless you change and become like little children, you will never get into the kingdom of heaven." ~ Jesus 

Is there a sense of "heaven" that we intrinsically know, relate to and have the power to create here on earth?

Many of us wait for others to change our world. We yearn for leaders, esteemed experts, favorite authorities or even saviors to come to our rescue. Meanwhile, we're forgetting something important.

No matter how small the perceived venue or corner of universe in which we live, we each occupy a space of influence.

It's in these very places we have the capacity to effect change we wish to see in the world. The changes we create may range from subtle and mundane to epic and profound. Either way, the rippling effects have the capacity to empower, enlighten and emancipate ourselves as well as others.

I introduce my latest podcast and focus on former Beatle John Lennon 1988 song by the same name - Imagine. Produced over 30 years ago, the lyrics and messaging remains inspirational and universal in appeal. In addition, I recall some seemingly ordinary ways in which I'd pressed back against the current world and in favor of something brighter.

I hope it reminds and inspires you to do the same - to imagine again.

May it encourage you to be a catalyst - no matter how small you feel as a force. You alone can help imagine and create a better, happier world.


Click here to listen to podcast 151 - Can You Imagine?

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Maura is an International Speaker on Leadership, Influence and Emotional Intelligence

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Text and podcast content all mine. John Lennon song video from YouTube. Jesus quote from New Testament of the Bible, ref: Matthew 18:3. 

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