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What's Your Story?

Happiness, Self Leadership and a Better Society

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Happiness, Self Leadership and a Better Society

What's Your Story? published by Maura4u
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Posted on 2019-09-27
Writer Description: Happiness, Self Leadership and a Better Society
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Stories have always fascinated me: stories of people, of history and of defining moments in the lives of mankind.

Over the years, stories have challenged my beliefs, helped me grow and often enriched my soul. They remind me that I rarely understand all things and also cause me to appreciate the vantage points of others.

As a child, I absorbed books to discover the circumstances and nuances of other people’s lives. But as I grew older and was able to venture out, I replaced books with personal conversations. Personal conversations enabled me to intimately connect with, and understand, other members of the human race. Whether around town or around the world, my travels have provided me with many of the “real life” exchanges I sought. More importantly, they have helped shed light on the dark recesses of my ignorance while reminding me of the commonalities we all share.

It’s easy for us to become insular. We prefer to protect ourselves from the unfamiliar. We feel uncomfortable, even vulnerable, when confronted with people and information that doesn’t suit our viewpoint.

But in a world darkened by ignorance and division, is failing to reach out always our best path?

To borrow a bit of wisdom from C.S. Lewis, “History isn’t just the story of bad people doing bad things. It’s quite as much a story of people trying to do good things. But somehow, something goes wrong.” Sometimes, it does us well to find out when and where things do go wrong. Armed with more details and a bit of wisdom, we can potentially turn some wrongs into rights.

It’s from that perspective that I offer my latest podcast.  It’s an invitation for you, too, to seek out others around you and become an agent for positive human change. 

Click here for Podcast 155: What’s Your Story?


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