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Democrats again engage in voter suppression in Wyoming


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Democrats again engage in voter suppression in Wyoming published by Oan
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Posted on 2020-01-27
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Democrats pretending to be Republican for primary day just chose the next Republican candidate for governor in America’s reddest state. Wyoming gave President Trump his biggest victory in the entire presidential election. with sixty-seven percent of the vote. Because the state is so red. the Democrats' choice will definitely win the general election and become the next governor of Wyoming.

In Wyoming’s recent primary. Republican voters didn’t get to choose their own candidate. Democrats in the 21st century don’t believe in having two-party elections. In California. they try to shut out Republican voters by having a system where the two highest polling candidates win. even if both are Democrat. In Wyoming. they believe they should get to choose their primary candidate and ours – because they will choose more wisely and more "moderately" than Republican voters. They get away with it. because Wyoming was forced by the federal government under Clinton to allow cross-over voting in the primary.

A red state like Wyoming has a double problem come election time. Democrat politicians don’t have a chance to be elected. so at all levels of local. state. and federal office. they masquerade as Republican candidates. lying to the voters about their true political affiliation.

The double whammy is that Wyoming voting law allows people to register or change their party affiliation at the polling place on voting day and vote in whichever primary they choose. So RINOs are chosen in the Republican primary by Democrat voters pretending for a day to be Republicans. It makes a travesty of the two-party system and cheats Republicans of getting to select their own candidates.

Wyoming is small in population but economically one of our most important states and a key part of President Trump’s pro-energy agenda. It is famous and beloved for Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks; it should be equally beloved for its contribution to the nation’s economy. Wyoming is surpassed only by giant Texas as an energy powerhouse. Wyoming’s Powder River Basin is one of the greatest coal fields in the world. It produces more coal than the next six coal-mining states combined. If Wyoming stopped producing fossil fuels and uranium. 30 states would go dark.

This year. a few days before the hotly contested gubernatorial election. Democrat supporters mounted a campaign called Switch for Wyoming urging their voters to switch their affiliation to Republican in order to push the most liberal GOP candidate for governor over the top. They pulled it off.

Their preferred candidate. Mark Gordon. beat the conservative frontrunner. Foster Friess. by approximately 6-9.000 votes (the official count isn’t in yet). well within the margin provided by Democrat voters. Comparing this year’s primary to the last two. as many as 13.000 Democrats "disappeared" – many presumably masquerading as Republic


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Anonymous: 2021-02-08 06:21:58 ID:5175

Democrats are so underhanded they are so stupid and dangerous..