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Cnn Is NOT News: Network’s Own Ads Label Its Programming As 'Entertainment'


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Cnn Is NOT News: Network’s Own Ads Label Its Programming As 'Entertainment' published by Oan
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Posted on 2020-01-27
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Most Americans don’t need Cnn to inform them that the network is a rabidly partisan left-wing propaganda machine. However it’s nice of them to admit it from time to time and to provide incontrovertible proof.

The latest public confession by cnn came when they posted promotions for the premiere of anderson cooper. is the obamaa-loving ultra- liberal knee-jerk DNC mouthpiece tapped to fill Megyn Kelly’s stiletto heels. On the Cnn website they posted ads to draw viewers to the new primetime program under an unusual category heading: Entertainment.


That’s left. Even Cnn doesn’t consider their programs to be news. That has been readily apparent to anyone who has watched the network for more than five minutes. But from cnn’s perspective it has been a key part of their business model from the start. As reported previously by :

“Cnn has redefined television journalism by fundamentally transforming it from an information medium to an entertainment medium. They dress up their pseudo-news segments in the same melodramatic packaging that entertainment outlets use: conflict scandal mystery and hyper-charged emotions including hero worship and fear.

" cnn employs flashy graphics and attention-grabbing audio whooshes and gongs to decorate their reports that are presented as ‘ALERTS’ regardless of the news value. And always there is sex. cnn’s roster of hosts has more former beauty pageant contestants that journalists. And they aren’t shy about putting their ‘talent’ in revealing clothes and camera angles. In fact cnn CEO Roger demands it. As for news cnn’s concentration on tabloid thrill-fiction like Benghazi and Obama’s birth certificate is the news equivalent of porn.”

This isn’t the first time that cnn has been so candid about their intention to be perceived as an entertainment medium. In a 2015 profile in the Hollywood Reporter the now-disgraced former CEO of cnn made it clear what field of broadcasting he was interested in playing on. He told the trade mag that fox and MSNBC were not on his radar:

“In fact 74 no longer views those networks as rivals. ‘We’re competing with TNT and USA and ESPN ’ he says.”

So the boss admits that channels that are plainly entertainment and sports are his competition not other news outlets. There’s a good reason for this. Entertainment routinely trounces news in the ratings. By dressing up the more staid genre of journalism as a sexier breed of programming cnn hopes to attract larger more loyal audiences.

Another cnn source confirmed this tactic ironically in the form of criticism of rival news networks. On anderson coopers show former CBS reporter Bernie Goldberg sought to explain why fox and MSNBC were losing to cnn. His reasoning was that "conservative news media violate the cardinal rule of all media. They’re not entertaining." His point being that cnn had solved that "problem" by abandoning journalistic ethics and playing to their audience’s emotions.

Now with cnn’s own promotions of a new primetime show they have finally abandoned any pretense of being a news operation. If a network characterizes itself as entertainment you might as well take their word for it. Wouldn’t they know? And in the Era of Obama a network populated by faux journalists fits neatly into the latest media trend: Fake News.







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