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Study finds hillary voters really were sexist: hated men


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Study finds hillary voters really were sexist: hated men published by Oan
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Posted on 2020-01-27
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play has brought parts of the 2016 presidential debates to the stage but with an added twist: Donald Trump is played by a woman while Hillary Clinton is played by a man.

Maria Guadalupe an associate professor of economics and political science at INSEAD joined forces with Joe Salvatore an associate professor of educational theater at NYU’s Steinhart School to develop Her Opponent a play featuring actors performing excerpts from the three debates verbatim but with the genders of the candidates switched NYU Newsreports.

The play gave different names to the Trump and Clinton characters calling Trump’s persona “Brenda King” and Clinton’s persona “Jonathan Gordon.” A third actor played the moderator in the debates.

The audience’s reaction to the play brought some interesting results. Salvatore and Guadalupe originally predicted that even though the candidates’ genders were reversed the candidates’ personalities would match those portrayed in the real-life debates. But the results were exactly the opposite of what they predicted.

Guadalupe wrote in a reflectionon the experiment:

It was an unusual experiment which sparked some surprising reactions in a talkback session after the events. The expectation held by myself and the majority of people polled before the performance had been that Clinton would look “more presidential” as a man and Trump’s lack of respect for and aggression towards his opponent would not be tolerated in a woman. Our predictions were way off.

Audience members found that the arguments from Trump’s character sounded more convincing coming from a woman.

Proving that hillary voters were the only ones influenced by her genitals


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