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The only truth that matters

The world according to e

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The world according to e

The only truth that matters published by i-am-e
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Posted on 2020-03-15
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“The Truth doesn’t give a shit about your feelings sweetheart!”


Those words came out of my mouth during a recent discussion with my girlfriend. They were not well received, as you can probably imagine. What I was saying to her was my truth and what she was saying to me was hers. What are the odds they will always match up? How often do we struggle and fight with someone to get them to “see” or “believe” in our truths because it’s obvious (to us) that they are morons. “Trust me honey, this is the truth!”


Everything we say/do/write, on any given day of our lives, is truth to us at the time we say/do or write it, based on our experiences up to that point in time. Our truths today may not always match our truths from yesterday, but this makes them no less true to us at the time. If you ask my 9-year-old self what the truth is, he’d probably say – ‘Baseball is the only thing that matters.’ My 12-year-old self would have strongly disagreed because everyone knows – ‘The only thing that really matters is touching a vagina, duh!’ (My 48-year-old self still gives that belief a lot of weight by the way. Just saying.)


People’s “truths” are formed from beliefs. Beliefs they have adopted, as truths, from outside influences. Influences that a child cannot avoid. Influences no child has ever asked for or wanted, but whose lives have been derailed from “The Real Truth” by someone else’s agenda. Most remain constant our whole lives and dictate the choices we make every minute of every day we are here. Family, culture, society, etc. has been pounding them into our heads since the day we were born. Our children are destined to live out their lives in servitude to the “truths” of someone who has, more often than not, been dead for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Far too many of us don’t realize that most of our lives have been a lie until we are looking death in the eye. Watching someone you love die is a horrible thing, but every human should experience it at some point in their life. The earlier the better I say. People on death beds don’t wish they had worked more, worried more, stressed more, argued more, competed more, etc. – they wish they had; taken more time for simple pleasures; not been so afraid of what others thought; been more open an honest about who they really are; been more loving and compassionate; - you know, all the good stuff we all wish. Sadly though, the vast majority of us will never come to these realizations soon enough.

Our current human beliefs (our “truths”) always perpetuate destruction, control, greed, hate, separatism, elitism, competition, repression, etc., (the list gets more depressing as it grows) regardless of whether we ‘meant well’ or not. There is no end in sight. It’s bound to get much worse before it gets any better. Eventually, it will be taken out of our hands.

“The Truth doesn’t give a shit about your feelings sweetheart!”

Nature will always perpetuate life and growth. It doesn’t allow imbalances to exist for very long because the well-being (balance) of the whole system is the ultimate goal. That can only work if all parts of the whole cohesively work together. No one part is any more or less important than any other. Nothing gets a “Pass” just because they think they are intelligent.

This leads us to only one Truth – Nature will always win in the end and, therefore,

We Are Fucked!!!

Being loving and compassionate toward ourselves, each other and our environment is the only chance we have to survive on any long-term universal basis. We may be able to continue to fuck shit up and be assholes for a long time to come, (hasn’t it been long enough?) but eventually nature/the universe/God/ the “whole” will Laugh, reach out with a mighty hand and wipe us out of existence as easily, and with as much thought, as we would wipe a booger off our finger. Only you can stop the booger madness. Change yourself and you change the world. But, fuck it,  what do I know? – e


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The 1st Amender: 2020-03-17 03:55:55 ID:3451

What the hell did I just read lol