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Monkeyville - A Tale of Capitalism


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Monkeyville - A Tale of Capitalism published by Otallu
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Posted on 2021-01-14
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monkey is born in monkeyville. in monkeyville, rights of monkey are respected. monkey transaction must be voluntary, and monkey shall not harm other monkey. monkeyville protects these rights with state. monkey works very hard to find banana tree seed and finds one. banana tree seeds only come from bananas. monkey plants banana tree to get banana, but monkey becomes lazy and wants most bananas possible. so monkey hires other monkeys to pick bananas from his banana tree for him, and in exchange, the monkey workers get half the bananas they pick. other monkeys need a banana tree to get bananas, and dont have banana seeds, so they must go to owner monkey. they work for owner monkey because thats the only way to get bananas. owner monkey no longer has to work to get bananas, the state protects his ownership of banana tree. the owner monkey owns more bananas than all the other monkeys, and is able to plant more and more banana trees using the seeds from the bananas he gets. the owner monkey decides to change his business wages, and starts giving monkey workers only a quarter of the bananas that they pick from tree. the other monkeys in monkeyville want to get banana trees too, and compete against the owner monkey. they work hard, to get banana tree seeds from the bananas they were given by owner monkey. they begin planting banana tree seeds, and offer monkey workers half the bananas they pick. the monkey workers start deciding that they want to start working at the alternative banana trees, and get more bananas for themselves. but just before they move to the other business, the original owner monkey starts giving them 3/4 of the bananas they pick. banana workers no longer want to move. other banana tree owners have no monkey workers, no monkeys want to work for them. they don't have enough bananas to maintain their trees, and their banana trees die (this part doesnt make complete sense in monkeyville but hopefully you understand the comparison) the original banana tree owner changes the wages to 1/8 of bananas they pick. monkey workers are barely surviving, but they must work. monkey owner very happy with all his bananas. monkey workers want to try again. monkey owners innovate, and start using long sticks to knock bananas from tree. this is 4x faster than hand picking bananas like they did before. these monkeys get a patent for their invention. these monkeys plant their own banana trees using the seeds they have, and use long sticks to get bananas faster. these monkey owners now are able to pay their monkey workers many more bananas than before, because they have more monkeys. original monkey owner is very very rich though. monkey owner also gives bananas to the state and asks for regulation. he says long sticks are very dangerous and can poke monkeys. state gives into monkey owners demands because monkey owner can give the state workers many many bananas. owner monkey works with the state. owner monkeys decides to start buying the other businesses. he gives them lots of bananas. owner monkey keeps planting lots and lots of banana trees. some monkeys say that monkeyville should collectively own the banana trees, but they are labeled communists and laughed at. "OO OO EE EE" the monkeys scream as they throw poop at the communists. owner monkey has so many bananas that the state needs him because he gives all the banana workers jobs. owner monkey tells state what monkey schools should teach. owner monkey tells state who to go to war with. owner monkey makes more and more bananas off all of this. owner monkey tells worker monkeys that the state is needed to regulate him and protect them, but in reality the state is his tool. owner monkey lets out an evil laugh. "EE EE EE EE". owner monkey pays worker monkeys to come up with new ideas for him, and then patents the ideas himself. he makes banana picking very efficient using new tools, but keeps the bananas to himself. banana wages stagnate. owner monkey tells the newspaper what to say, and gives them bananas for it. owner monkey wants to distract worker monkeys from the real problem, and feeds them divisive information. owner monkey divides the worker monkeys against each other, without realizing where the true division is. monkeyville is forever doomed because of this. owner monkey simply has too much power. if you haven't noticed yet, i am not talking about monkeys or bananas. i am talking about the true state of worker-owner relations within a capitalist system. theres only one way out of this mess. join me comrade and long live the revolution.


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