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As Fake President Joseph Robinette Bidet is sworn into office the nation is sunken deep into tyranny

Right Wing Libertarian ready to smack the liberals

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Right Wing Libertarian ready to smack the liberals

As Fake President Joseph Robinette Bidet is sworn into office the nation is sunken deep into tyranny published by Ben Dover
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Posted on 2021-01-21
Writer Description: Right Wing Libertarian ready to smack the liberals
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We all have to go thru harsh times weather it is economically,socially,mentally and most importantly politically and nothing was more vile than having a presidential election being stolen in front of our very eyes and the evidence being on video and yet nothing truly goes to court they're all thrown out.. no.. Bush vs Gore 2 instead we a Venezuelan/African style election and now we have senile toothless man sitting in the white house and we're forced to be told that this election and him being elected.. is legitmate and good for this nation? this country will have to deal with alot for the next 4 years Joe Biden will undo trump's legacy undoing all his executive orders and the sheep of fools and brainwashed zoomers eat this up and believe that "orange man gone" is a good thing not realizing the hyper progressive agenda of Democrats is a security issue and weakens us internally and exposes us to oppositional government and nation states like China,Russia,Iran etc... its all the democrats are about if you question it all you're racist according to them we have to figure a way out of this a cabal of celebritys,youtubers,hedonists and other figureheads constantly manipulate our voting base with their idiotic endorsement rhetoric saying how we should just vote for the man with a plan that still hasint explained what his plan is.. give is 6 months and most biden voters will feel like fools to the slaughter when he reneges on most of his plans and dissapoints us all. 

Lets look at the inaugration real quick.. Mr Biden need a grouping of all military personel to protect him at inaugration but trump walked into North Korea.. and not to mention this Inaugration was awful.. it didint have to charm.. passion and wisdom like most presidential inaugrations everything took to damn long like good lord.. and Joe's Speech was abnormally long like I could go to store and get some groceries and he'd still be talking and overall we're witnessing a coup of our countries government and standing around doesint cut it we should rise up and fight against it if anything cause next elections won't matter cause our vote won't count and if this cycle continues we'll be ruled like a one party state like brazil.. we need a different style of government for representive of the people

The cabal of Loonies,Celebrites,Models,youtuber and etc.. are controlling the audience and voter base and manipulating them to vote democrat and which is a horrifying unhealthy style of voter base and undemocratic.. prior to the democratic viral disease that swept the nation it didint matter who voted if people didint like the guy in office that voted him out next election LBJ,Carter,Ford etc...this country going to shit because of this routine indoctrination we're literally about to become a banana republic and noone has figured it out yet they're too busy waiting on the next iphone or waiting in the line in mcdonalds for their next cheeseburgers

rant over.. we're going to strap in tight for this dark dark... winter... 



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