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GTA Online Is Full Of Cheaters & Rockstar Doesn't Seem To Care


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GTA Online Is Full Of Cheaters & Rockstar Doesn't Seem To Care published by slam cham
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Posted on 2021-05-28
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GTA Online Is Full Of Cheaters & Rockstar Doesn't Seem To Care

Players have had to start cracking down on cheaters in GTA Online themselves since Rockstar Games hasn't been effective at combating the unfairness.

Mods and cheats allow some Grand Theft Auto Online users to do virtually whatever they want, and as it appears, Rockstar Games doesn’t seem to really care about it. At the very least, they’re not actively trying to stop the unfairness running rampant in the game.

Even though they risk account suspension, many Grand Theft Auto Online players turn to mods to allow them to do incredible and often ridiculous thingsFor some players, cheating in GTA Online has even turned into a business. Kotaku reports that some developers have turned mod menus into a lucrative career, offering downloadable options, physical discs, or even subscription-style services to enhance Grand Theft Auto's online gameplay

GTA Online Cheaters Are Being Targeting By Other Players

However, despite this, cheating continues to be a massive problem in Grand Theft Auto Online, and in recent years it's only gotten worse. Players are clearly tired of Rockstar’s hypocrisy, and particularly the lack of attention they’ve given to resolving the game's numerous free money glitches. Since Rockstar seems unwilling to fix such cheats – or, at the very least, what they have done so far has not been satisfactory in solving the issue – some GTA Online players have taken things into their own hands.

For instance, Reddit user AnthonyESLV went viral for discovering a method to prevent other players from utilizing the god mode van glitch, Dexterto reports. AnthonyESLV managed to track down the player while in a Cargobob helicopter, pick up the van using the hook, and then submerged him into the sea, effectively stopping this cheater in their tracks in an incredibly funny way. Given that Rockstar Games has previously thanked players for reporting cheaters, it may be a sign that they actually appreciate players going after fellow users who they see are guilty of cheating. Perhaps Rockstar hopes that vigilante players will take care of the cheating problem without them needing to intervene, and unless they directly address it, this may only encourage more players to take the law into their own hands. Since GTA 5 doesn't have vigilante missions like other games in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, maybe this is Rockstar's new version.

As of now, there doesn’t appear to be a way to specifically stop players from taking advantage of certain hacks and exploits, but given the increased number of players attempting to stop cheaters, GTA Online users may find a way after all. If one thing is clear, however, it’s that GTA Online remains full of cheaters even years after launch, but Rockstar Games doesn’t seem to be too bothered by it.


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Anonymous: 2022-09-25 01:58:16 ID:5350

I concur with the sentiment of this article, GTA Online has gotten out of hand