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Well Being for the Holiday Season and Beyond

Happiness, Self Leadership and a Better Society

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Happiness, Self Leadership and a Better Society

Well Being for the Holiday Season and Beyond published by Maura4u
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Posted on 2021-12-07
Writer Description: Happiness, Self Leadership and a Better Society
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The holiday season is here with many feeling more stressed and perplexed than ever; but be encouraged as you reach into treasures of well-being available even now!

The world continues to shift. Uncertainty remains in the air. Many happy traditions we formerly associated with holidays – familiar family, friends and festivities – are presently altered, cancelled or in a perpetual state of flux. We can’t seem to go backward or recapture our past. Alternately, we feel the precarious winds of change and we’re challenged to see clearly into the future.

Despite pressures and uncertainty in the outer world, I remain convinced that we can always find peace within. In fact, it is at dubious times like these that we do. We’re driven to delve deeper or aspire higher to find a pleasant resting place for our souls. We can use our quiet time to convert frustrations and fears into gratitude, prayer and meditation. Here is where we can reflect anew, grow in wisdom and cultivate appreciation for the simple things in life we might otherwise have taken for granted.

This holiday season, I am gifting in this blog two of my most recent podcasts. They’re timely and relevant.

My hope is that you will feel inspired, uplifted and even motivated. May you perceive what you hadn’t before.  May you “feel” your way into the secret spaces where inner peace dwells. Once you do, you’ll discover newfound vision and confidence to live outwardly with a brighter perspective for things ahead.


The first podcast I offer is Episode 20 in my continuing series called The ABC’s of NOW.  

In this podcast, I was moved to share some recent reflections on the word “Goodness.” I also explore how goodness can be found nearly everywhere around us, if we’re willing to use our eyes to see what’s right in front of us! You might be surprised to realize how reconnecting with goodness allows you to relate to the simple pleasures that work, money and worldly striving just can’t supply.      

Click here to listen to Episode 20: G is for Goodness.


There is no better time or place than the holiday season to consider the powerful concept of “Forgiveness.” Though I have covered this subject in the past, this most recent podcast takes on a different twist. I relate several stories here (my personal stories as well as those of others) and share some of the diverse and often positive effects forgiveness can bring to our lives. 

I know how squeamish and even resistant some of us can become when confronted with the notion of forgiving. We may be quietly nursing a grudge, harboring an old hurt or hiding deeply malevolent feelings for another person. Equally critical to our peace and well-being, we may be secreting anything from personal disappointment to abject self-hatred for our own mistakes and failures.   

Regardless of the type or source of offense, I encourage you to give this podcast on forgiveness a listen. Before discounting it as something unpleasant, try it on for size. See if something hidden within these stories brings an unexpected glimmer of freedom to your soul — and a revived hope for your future!

Click here to listen to Episode 21: F is for Forgiveness.


Good wishes and peace to all during this holiday season!

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Anonymous: 2021-12-13 04:58:44 ID:5304

Love your work Maura! Very positive!

Maura4u: 2022-03-17 09:35:05 ID:5325

Thank you. That's my aim :)