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Better Get Ready!

Happiness, Self Leadership and a Better Society

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Happiness, Self Leadership and a Better Society

Better Get Ready! published by Maura4u
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Posted on 2023-05-25
Writer Description: Happiness, Self Leadership and a Better Society
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Few will deny that we’re living through unprecedented times and seasons!

In launching my special ABC’s of NOW podcast series, I originally imagined taking six months to cover the release of 26 reverse-alphabetized installments of words, expressions and topics. Each letter, corresponding to a word or expression, would provide opportunity to review, inspect, unwind and even un-do some of our elementary belief systems that required new levels of attention for our day. I assumed the grand time of shift we are all riding through would have been far briefer. As it turns out, the series has spanned over two and a half years!

It is with anticipation and excitement that I formally release Episode 25: B is for Better Get Ready!

While most of us gasp at the whirlwind of changing news and climate conditions we’re encountering while moving from one era to another, something within reminds me that we are heading to a New Day, a New Dawn and a turning of the humanitarian tide. Everything within me says our ultimate destination is aimed at a collective GOOD.

The reason I’m featuring episode 25 here in a special blog is that, having begun with an episode entitled Z is for Zoom, I recognize we are a mere one letter away from a new start: a cosmic reboot of sorts.

I invite you to step into this latest podcast, inspired by a 1960’s Motown hit made popular by the Temptations called Get Ready! Hearing the lyrics again today provides a far more thrilling message than the one I perceived listening to with the original tune while growing up. This vintage melody is just one of three songs — along with a look at something called Stockholm Syndrome and one of my personal stories — covered in this most recent episode. Collectively, the content points through the fog of the current flow of outward confusion toward the anticipation of something unexpectedly welcoming to the heart. Find out just what that is by listening.

Click here  to listen. And b sure to share with a friend who may be in need of what the elementary letter B stands for today —  even as we approach an epic new start in individual and world affairs.


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