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Munich's Galerie Kronsbein to Stage Banksy's First Solo Show in Germany


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Munich's Galerie Kronsbein to Stage Banksy's First Solo Show in Germany published by Evanvinh
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Posted on 2016-03-29
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Henri Neuendorf, Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Presenting the first comprehensive survey of Banksy's work in Germany, Munich-based Galerie Kronsbein's upcoming exhibition "Banksy King of Urban Art" will showcase originals and editions by the mysterious and celebrated British street artist.

Opening on April 14 and gathering over 40 works, the show will include highlights such as Banksy's Gangster Rat and Paparazzi Rat stencils, as well as his homage to the great street art pioneer Keith Haring. Also on view will be two original versions of Toxic Mary, which depict the Virgin Mary feeding baby Jesus with toxic fluid.

Other well-known originals such as Balloon Girl and Heavy Weapons will also be on display at the exhibition in southern Germany, and visitors and collectors can also look forward to seeing Banksy's portrait of super model Kate Moss à la Andy Warhol in the flesh.

“Banksy is the Andy Warhol of urban art," gallery director Sarah Kronsbein told artnet News in a telephone conversation. “He's responsible for establishing urban art in art history. “We want to show a cross-section of his work, and show key pieces that guide the viewer through Banksy's world," she added.

The Munich exhibition will be of particular interest to German collectors and street art enthusiasts, since Germany's last remaining Banksy muralwas destroyed by vandals in Hamburg in February 2015.

Banksy has built a reputation for his witty and ironic comments on social injustice and contemporary society, completing a seemingly seamless transition from illegal graffiti vandal to contemporary art darling.

Indeed, nobody straddles art market legitimacy and street credibility quite like the anonymous British artist. Banksy carefully maintains his street credibility by tirelessly pursuing his original guerrilla vocation. Recent examples include Banksy's stencil-based comments on the ongoing European refugee crisis, which popped up in “the jungle" refugee camp in Calais, northern France, and in London.

Meanwhile, the air of mystery around the artist only increases his market price. Rare original works can fetch up to six figures at auction, and now German collectors have the opportunity to get their hands on his works in their home country.




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