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Sebram ‘Anti-Grip’ Rubber To Debut In 2017


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Sebram ‘Anti-Grip’ Rubber To Debut In 2017 published by Evanvinh
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Posted on 2016-04-01
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By: Radcliffe Raddaccio

Most boot soles are made to grip the ground. Not this guy. Upstart Italian rubber brand Sebram has taken a big stride in tread technology with its anti-grip sole.

The company has also trademarked the unique sport made possible by the new shoe: “Slurfing” is a mashup of slipping and surfing, practiced on rock and scree fields. It is gaining attention in the Alps.

“As a company that is building a reputation for innovation and new technology, we needed to explore where we could grow,” said Daniet Fellows, president of Sebram Rubber, a subsidiary of Allied Plastics.

“The market has basically been cornered on grip. Now, it’s time to explore anti-grip.”

Anti-Grip Rubber Outsole

The highly anticipated soles likely won’t come cheap. No word yet on the official sticker price, but rumor is a pair of slurfer-specific shoes could run north of $300.

“The process behind the anti-grip technology is highly proprietary, thus driving up costs,” said Ramani Manfredo, Sebram executive director of product development. “We put more time and resources into developing slurf-ready soles than we have in any previous venture.”

Up to now, Sebram has made its name in converting “spent biomass” into usable materials for textiles and manufacturing. The company said in a statement that the new shoes are an example of how “up-cycling can dramatically reduce sanitation costs and improve quality of life.”

The Sebram anti-grips are set for release next April Fool’s Day, when perhaps they will exist.



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