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The World’s Most Powerful Armies


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The World’s Most Powerful Armies published by Evanvinh
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Posted on 2016-04-01
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So, you want to know who the most powerful armies in the world are? Think America has it on lock down? We will see… But first let’s mention one army that didn’t make the list, but should be noted. The single fastest growing army in the world, perhaps unsurprisingly, belongs to the country of Afghanistan with defense spending that has increased 557 percent since 2003. They possess a landlocked military (and thus no navy since there is no need for one) and a standing army of 200,000 (rounded up) active military personnel with a projected increase to around 260,000 in the next year or so.

Source - Wikipedia

The countries roughly 12 billion dollars in annual military defense spending in conjunction with their relatively young age of enlistment (age 16 is considered fit for military service) are the primary factors for the regions booming industrial complex. Not to mention the obvious tension in the region and the United States intervention and then recent pull out of Afghanistan.

Think that’s a bit scary? They didn’t even make the top 20. Wait until you see the top 5.



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