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Fresh PlayStation 4K rumor suggests faster CPU, 2x GPU performance


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Fresh PlayStation 4K rumor suggests faster CPU, 2x GPU performance published by Evanvinh
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Posted on 2016-04-03
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Information relating to the expected PS4 hardware upgrade continues to flow, with the latest coming via a verified post on the NeoGAF forums. And it paints a picture of a serious upgrade for the PlayStation 4K.

Previously we’ve discussed three possibilities for what the PS4K could be, they are:

  1. A new PS4 with greatly enhanced performance allowing for 4K games
  2. An upgraded PS4 unlocking 4K media playback and more graphically rich 1080p games
  3. A PS4 Slim with 4K media playback capabilities

For me, option 3 seems the most likely, with option 2 possible. However, thepost on NeoGAF details what is effectively option 1 above.


What we can expect is a PS4K console that contains a much faster GPU with 2x the performance of the one contained in the PS4. Sony is also considering an upgrade to the CPU. This isn’t decided yet, but would potentially incur an additional cost. If the new CPU is used, then the PS4K is expected to cost $499.99 at retail. The new console will also include a 4K Blu-ray drive for 4K media playback.

Developers are mentioned, with several already working on new games that take full advantage of the additional performance of the PS4K hardware. Just like Nintendo has with the New 3DS, these PS4K games will run on the PS4, but with a significant downgrade in performance (fewer enemies, visual effects, etc.). Existing games won’t be getting enhancement patches.

psvr girl

Five games have been named as being targeted at the PS4K including threePlayStation VR games, they are:

  • Deep Down
  • God of War 4
  • Eve Valkyrie (PlayStation VR)
  • Robinson (PlayStation VR)
  • GT Sport (PlayStation VR)

I find this information believable, but still can’t quite believe Sony is planning to split the console generation like this. The PS4 isn’t even three years old yet, and we know from previous generations that it takes developers many years to utilize the full power on offer in a console with set hardware.

If the above is true, then it pushes for everyone to upgrade to the PS4K because an increasing number of games will target it. Early adopters of the PS4 will be made to suffer, which isn’t great and will make them think twice about buying a launch day PlayStation 5 when it arrives.

For now, this remains an unconfirmed rumor. But with the detail that is appearing, it would be one very elaborate hoax if a good chunk of it doesn’t turn out to be fact.




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