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Watch A Passenger Lose It When A Nissan GT-R Wins An Illegal Drag Race


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Watch A Passenger Lose It When A Nissan GT-R Wins An Illegal Drag Race published by Evanvinh
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Posted on 2016-04-05
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Seeing a Nissan GT-R killing it on the streets doesn’t surprise us anymore, mainly due to the model’s performance upgrade-ability. So, you can’t blame the vehicle’s passenger for being more than blown away (almost literally) when another Godzilla made a high-speed fly by in an illegal street race. 

The guy filming the action was overly enthusiastic and kind of overconfident about his friend’s GT-R. But when you’re riding in a brash, purple, stupendously-modified Nissan that can not only keep it together when pitted against a Lamborghini Gallardo, but beat it as well, this kind of behavior might make sense. Not even the modified Corvette C6 stood a chance. 

But the tables rapidly turned during the second street racing attempt, when another GT-R came from behind (while the others were preparing for the rolling start) and effortlessly passed the cars involved in the drag race. Adding insult to injury, the driver waved as he went on his way. 

As impressive as the action was, it doesn’t top the passenger’s reaction, as in his bewildered state started mumbling and screaming. Before you hit the play button on the video, we must warn you it contains a lot of NSFW language



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