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Tracking Fitness T-Shirts


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Tracking Fitness T-Shirts published by Evanvinh
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Posted on 2016-04-06
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The Hexoskin Biometric Tops Record Workout Stats for Better Performance

The Hexoskin is a Montreal athletic brand that has put together a series of wearable fitness Smart T-shirts that are capable of tracking biometrics. The shirts offer a more seamless and intuitive wearable design than bracelets, wristbands or headphones with wires since the trackers are already located inside the shirt. The wearables are able to provide free movement while simultaneously allowing wearers to keep track of their workout records to heighten their progress and performance. 

The Smart shirts are made with soft and moisture-wicking material embedded with small sensors that are placed inside the fabric. This renders the trackers virtually indistinguishable to the wearer while the T-shirt monitors heart rate, breathing and movement while the body is both awake or asleep. The shirts work in conjunction with a Bluetooth app to relay stats directly to the consumer's smartphone.



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