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(SR5) Bomb rumor! First A9 specs: Dual XQD card slot, unlimited RAW burst.


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(SR5) Bomb rumor! First A9 specs: Dual XQD card slot, unlimited RAW burst. published by Evanvinh
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Posted on 2016-04-07
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About the source: This one comes from a very top source. It’s the same source that gave us the RX1rII specs months(!) ahead. So this is highly likely to be true!

The Bomb Sony A9 rumor: The source sent me this:

“The next generation flagship mirrorless camera from Sony will be a giant leap. It will drop a huge bomb in the imaging industry. It will not be A7III or A7RIII. It will be a new model above A7 series. I would say A9 (let’s name it as the new model). So the new A9 will have dual XQD card slot, no CFast version, only XQD. A9 can do UNLIMITED RAW burst, UNLIMITED. The camera wont pause for buffering.”

Just recently Sony announced a new generation of XQD cards (specs and prices) which are now for sale bundled with theNikon D5 (here on Amazon).

I repeat this one is a very top source. I hope he will send me some additional info soon like when will it be announced? What’s the sensor? Thanks :)

SAR readers are welcome comment this post with their wishlist for the A9 camera! And join the Sony A9 facebook group 😉

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