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Will Smith Wants Deadshot to Become Batman in ‘Suicide Squad 2’


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Will Smith Wants Deadshot to Become Batman in ‘Suicide Squad 2’ published by Evanvinh
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Posted on 2016-04-12
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By Brian Gallargher

While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn't as critically-acclaimed as the studio may have liked, most critics, even the dissenters, praised Ben Affleck's work as Batman. Fans will get to see The Dark Knight in action later this summer when he suits up forSuicide Squad, hitting theaters August 5. While it isn't exactly known how large or small his role is in this villainous ensemble, it seems one of the Suicide Squad stars, Will Smith, is already gunning for the Batmanrole, hinting in an interview with MTV News that he'd love to take over as Batman in Suicide Squad 2. How would this be even possible? Take a look at what the actor had to say below."What's really great what they're doing is they don't tell you anything. I'm just saying, there was one of the comics, I don't remember the number, where Bruce Wayne got injured, and I think Deadshot came in for a couple of them, you know. He had to throw on the Batsuit. So I'm just saying, if they were gonna draw on that...I wouldn't reject it. I'm a team player. If they need me in the suit, I'm in it."While we don't know exactly what comic book the actor is referring to, there are a few possibilities. In Deadshot's very first appearance, in 1950's Batman #59, Deadshot disguises himself as Batman, although it was quickly discovered that he wasn't in fact Gotham's true hero. In the recent animated film Batman: Bad Blood, Batman goes missing, where he is replaced by Robin, Batwing, Nightwing and Batwoman, although Deadshot wasn't involved in this story. When the interviewer mentions that Ben Affleck just got the Batman role, Will Smith had this to say."No, no, he can do it for a couple. He can do it for two or three, then he gets injured and Deadshot has to take over. I mean, to me, it's a logical progression."We reported last month that Warner Bros. wants Will Smith and director David Ayer to reunite for Suicide Squad 2, which the studio wants to start filming in 2017. We don't know for sure yet if there are any plans to bring Batman back for this sequel, but we'll have to wait and see. Take a look at Will Smith's brief video interview below, and stay tuned for more on Suicide Squad 2.



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