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Movie Review: Half Mentlu


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Movie Review: Half Mentlu published by Evanvinh
Writer Rating: 5.0000
Posted on 2016-04-13
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Director: Lakshmi Dinesh
Cast: Sandeep, Sonu Gowda, Achyuth Kumar and Tabla Nani

Half Mentlu is apparently based on a real life story. The film revolves around Shivu (Sandeep), a psychological wreck who falls head over heels for Madhu (Sonu Gowda), an aspiring singer. A street loafer, Madhu tries his best to win over her through cheesy dialogues and singing songs but Madhu refuses to reciprocate to his feelings but he never gives up. His journey to win her heart is bland and makes the film tad boring.

The director tries way too hard that we sympathise with the stalker but fails miserably. The debutant director is unaware of the nuances of this profession and to top it all, Half Mentlu has a poor script and inept screenplay.

While Sandeep needs to go back to the basics of acting, Sonu Gowda’s chops are decent enough. With double meaning dialogues at their helm, the movie fails to impress with the story telling. The only good part in this movie is its music, composed by B J Bharath.



Article Rating: 1.0000

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