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A New Xbox One: Good or Bad?


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A New Xbox One: Good or Bad? published by Evanvinh
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Posted on 2016-05-07
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A New Xbox One: Good or Bad? : The rumors of an upgraded PlayStation 4 keep picking up steam, but the Xbox One rumors have not been as steady. While there is some indication that Microsoft has a new Xbox One in the works, it doesn’t seem nearly as likely as the PlayStation NEO rumors.

As people debate the possibility of new consoles, a common argument is that Microsoft will release an upgraded Xbox One to keep up with the competition.

Is that necessarily a good idea?

Phil Spencer said they would want to make a major change if they did such a thing, rather than release the same console with minor improvements. Unless they have an Xbox One model that is significantly stronger than the current system, an upgrade would seem as though he was going back on his word.

More importantly, the PS4 rumors haven’t been met with high praise everywhere. It’s become quite a controversial topic, and a lot of fans don’t seem to like the idea. On one hand, it could be a simple upgrade that improves gaming.

On the other hand, it could change the nature of console life cycles forever, if enhanced models partway through become a common thing. The price of such consoles, as well as any trade-in programs, will also help determine their reception if people feel they need to upgrade to still get the best possible experience.

The argument in favor of a new Xbox One model, with significant upgrades, is that the regular Xbox One will fall far behind PlayStation if it isn’t as powerful as the NEO. If there is a new system available on which games play much better than on the regular PS4 and Xbox One, it seems logical that players would go there instead.

However, if the NEO backfires and fans are ultimately displeased with the decision, the Xbox One could actually come out on top if it appears to be the friendlier, more loyal brand by not making such a choice. It might be in Microsoft’s best interest to see how reception to an upgraded console is first.

Still, this is only one opinion. What do you think? Would a new Xbox One model be good or bad?



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