Titanfall 2 drops onto store shelves this fall published by Evanvinh
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Posted on 2016-05-11
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Titanfall 2 drops onto store shelves this fall


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Electronic Arts has confirmed that Titanfall 2 will be releasing this fall, between the months of October and December 2016.

The launch date comes via a slide in the publisher's latest financial presentation, scheduling Titanfall 2 for release during the third-quarter of the company's fiscal year. Titanfall 2 will share a launch window with the next entry in EA's flagship shooter franchise, Battlefield 1, as well as this year's entry in Activision's blockbuster Call of Duty series, Infinite Warfare.

As of right now only a few details regarding Titanfall 2 are in the wild, after a brief teaser trailer was released last month. A full reveal is currently scheduled on June 12th, as a part of EA's E3 2016 press conference.

Titanfall 2 is set to release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.




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