What Have Been Your Favorite Games for 2016 So Far? published by Evanvinh
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Posted on 2016-05-29
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What Have Been Your Favorite Games for 2016 So Far?


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Can you believe we’re just days away from June? We’re almost to the halfway point of this crazy year. Where did the time go? And why haven’t I made a noticeable dent in my backlog yet? Oh that’s right. Too many new, shiny games.

This year I’m making an effort to spend time with my gaming backlog. It doesn’t mean I’m actually succeeding. So far for 2016, I’ve finished these: The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, and Trails of Cold SteelMario and Luigi: Paper JamDanganronpa 2Bastion, Uncharted 4 and... I guess that’s it? Ouch. 

I’ve started some others (and I’d really like to try Doom! If I didn’t get so sick playing FPS games) but it’s not looking too good for me. How can I help myself though?! So many great games have been released so far. With E3 coming up, there’ll be more news on things I’ll want to get my hands on! At least I gotUncharted 4 done. That was something. It was great!

So tell us, Kotaku readers. What games have you played so far in 2016? They don’t have to be new. Many of us feel your backlog pain. I know I do. Which did you love? Which did you hate? 




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