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I cant just be a Fag anymore, and I hate it.

I'll write what comes to mind

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I'll write what comes to mind

I cant just be a Fag anymore, and I hate it. published by Channe_Fox
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Posted on 2016-06-09
Writer Description: I'll write what comes to mind
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Time for identity politics, haven't even done an article with a single original thought and I'm already whoring my personal shit out with click bait. I am Bisexual and.... stop. That's an independent factor, I'm not Bisexual and a social justice warrior, I'm not bisexual and a liberal, or a conservative, or a socialist. I am who I am and no ideology can touch me without my consent.  This shit has gone far enough, it was far enough in the 70's:

Well, not just the 70's, gay rights has been the side note of some "agenda", for ages thanks to intellectuals, and I use the term loosely, who think that rights should be based off whether they belong to some group rather than expanding already existing rights that should apply to all people. Call it what you will, whether you're a stormfag who thinks its part of a Jewish conspiracy, or if you're a liberal who says its the few progressives, its there, and everyone can see it. The community is so used to being a tool that it has lost its pride just as much as its shame, leaving nothing but a bitter self fighting husk behind.

It was far enough when the dykes went and said, "stop killing us off on TV" :

On TV, TV?!!! Its just shows, entertainment, get over yourselves. Everyone dies at the end, if you think that shouldn't apply to us because "label", then you're no better than those who think that some should burn in Hell because "label". it makes no sense. And if you cant handle a few people getting offed on a show, go back to Sesame street!

And its enough now, with groups adding + at the end of everything:


I am sick of social Justice making me less than a human, a fucking label. I may be a man, I may be Bisexual, but I am also my contributions to the world. I am the people who support or attack me, I am the private moments that are unique to everyone. You collectivists out there, you are deluding yourselves if you think you can just defer responsibility for the damage you cause. You can fight all you want, but people who reach out with respect for merit rather than arbitrary shit will be stronger, those who work together despite their differences in opinion will be one step ahead. Call this privilege, see your stupidity ruin you, call us bigots, and feel your own hatred burn in the light of truth. We are worlds ever reaching out for each other, alone, yet bonded by the void in between.  




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