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Mark Shillerburg, How Facebook's CEO is selling out the West. published by Channe_Fox
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Posted on 2016-06-10
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Mark Shillerburg, How Facebook's CEO is selling out the West.

I'll write what comes to mind

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Opinion Article by Channe_Fox. Article Location: USA


Mark Zuckerburg, oh how I hate ye, let me count the ways

1. working with a surveillince state that make PRISM look like a shotty cctv camera in a gas station.


Besides, the short clip of TYT, "shivers", the other sources and shit look to be on the up and up.

2. Complying with the completion of a new facist state in Europe (EU)


3. And I'm sure that since he has such control over the company he founded, he is involved with the censorship here


You sir, are a little bitch. I dont care if you have the guts to kill your own meat, any idiot with a gun or knife can do the same. You cant handle upholding what you claim to uphold. You whore yourself to every statist element you can, with little to no regard to the truth, or keeping an open conduit of opinion, you are a fucking shill, retire and leave the world alone, its better off without you. Also, you're a pizza faced basement troll who got a wife as hot as yours from your money. While I cannot claim that these factors play a part in his dealings, damn it it had to be said.





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